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    GNU/Linux Stats can access the proc file system and retrieve information such as CPU details, memory usage and many different details about each running process.The information retrieved is stored and returned in arrays.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    SharedMemory can store, retrieve and delete arbitrary content stored in cache entries managed by eAccelerator.In order to distinguish different entries, each of them gets assigned an unique name.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Shared Memory can open a shared memory segment with a given key and store any data in this memory and read from it. Shared Memory can also retrieve the value previously stored, even if it was in a previous request by a different user. A mutex algorithm is used to prevent multiple requests storing and retrieving values from memory at ...
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    IPC Shared Memory is a package that can be used to share information between different processes using several types of shared memory containers.A few shared memory container classes are provided implementing the same interface: file based, SysV shm, MySQL record.The interface has functions for atomically fetching or storing shared memory data and also functions to start or finish transactions that ...
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    REF classes lets you preserve variables between pages without using cookies, sessions or shared memory.
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    shmem script allows you to share information between pages and applications outside php using shared memory.
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    memDB is a memory based database manager class that can also dump the information either in a file or a string that useful when you store a memDB in another database.
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    ObjectCache2 stores objects in different types of cache. It stores objects in operative memory, dba, dbm, shared memory.
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