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  1. memcachemanager
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    memcachemanager is a PHP cache script for managing caching functions in Memcache & Memcached. It allows developers to have more control over how content is cached. Documentation and samples are included with the download package. Features of memcachemanager:- Showing visual graphs with memory usage.- Show item information.- Show Memcache statistics.- Show connection information.- Show memory usage stats.- Show server statistics.- ...
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    Memcache Manager can be used to store and retrieve data from Memcache servers. It can connect to a Memcache server and get, set, replace, delete, increment or decrement the values of variables with a given key name. Memcache Manager is a free PHP cache script. The variable values may be compressed, encrypted and encoded as JSON before storing.
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    This package provides a common interface to store and retrieve cached data from different types of container. There is one factory class that takes an URL of a cache container and additional options and it creates and initializes the cache container object. The cache container interface provides means to set, get and clear cached data entries. Currently this package comes ...
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    This class can be used to store and retrieve entries in memory caches. It can perform several types of operations to access values stored memory based caches using extensions like APC, eAccelerator, XCache and MemCache. Currently it can store an entry, retrieve an entry and clear all cache entries.
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    CacheManager can be used to cache arbitrary data in files. It can check if the cache with a certain key already exists. If it exists and it is not expired, it can return the cached data. Otherwise it can store newly generated data in a cache file with the given key. The script CacheManager can be configured to set the ...
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    mb_cache verifies if a cache file for the active page exists and its validity. If the cache file does not exist or it is expired, the class starts capturing the current page output and stores it the cache file when the scripts exits. If the cache file exists and has not yet expired, the class outputs the contents of the ...
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    superGlobals can setup super-global variables from different sources like databases and memcache servers and inject the values in given existing super-global variable arrays. The assigned values can be filtered according to specified rules and type cast operations can be performed to the assigned variable values. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    File Cache can check if a given variable is already stored in a cache file and retrieve its value if it exists and the cache file did not expire. File Cache can create a new cache file for the newly computed cache variable value. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    MEM uses the Standard Template Library (SPL) to extend the ArrayAccess class. Functions for setting, getting and checking the values of entries stored in a memcache server, are provided.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHPCached connects to a given memcache server and implements commands to set and get cached keys with a given name.Storing and retrieving compressed key values is also supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Multi-server memcache interface can be used to store and retrieve cached data from distributed cached servers. It can connect to a memcache server from a list of servers to store and retrieve cached data.The memcache server that it connects depends on identifier of the key use to access each cached data item. So, data items are cached in different servers ...
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    Cached TemplatEze is a fork of the TemplatEze variable replacement based template engine.Features of Cached TemplatEze:- Template Set support- perfomance measurement- Content Caching- Output Buffering- array assignment to assign() function- functions set(), setloop() and tplblock() merged into one assign() function- clean code
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