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  1. Media Tools
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    Media Tools is a set of tools to improve the WordPress Media Library. Media Tools adds various new settings and tools to help admins have better control over the built-in WordPress Media Library. Media Tools is intended for non-standard WordPress installations, where custom blog layouts and many custom post types require some radical changes to the Media Library as well. ...
  2. Social Media Buttons
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    Social Media Buttons is a collection of CSS 3 social media web buttons. It is perfect for developers that don't have the time or patience to code their own buttons. Just give it a look and deploy it in your projects. Features of Social Media Buttons:- 4 themes- Easy to edit- Scalable Supported social networks:- Twitter- Facebook- Google+- Forrst- Dribbble- ...
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    Floating Social Media Icon is a WordPress plugin overlays floating social media icons on a page. They'll be displayed in a fixed position, always remaining visible as the user navigates the page. Icon links and icons can be changed with the aid of an WP admin panel settings page. Features of Floating Social Media Icon:- Floating display- Will load in ...
  4. Social Media Mashup
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    This is a WordPress plugin for embedding a social stream mashup in posts, pages or the sidebar. It will create an unified index where updates for various social networks and custom RSS feeds are pulled in and displayed for incoming visitors. Features of Social Media Mashup:Supported services:- Flickr- Twitter- YouTube- RSS feeds- Facebook- Google+Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's New in ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Play List Importer can be used to retrieve and parse Windows Media Player play lists. It retrieves a play list XML file and parse it to extract several items.Currently Play List Importer extracts the generator program name and version, the number of play list items and their contents.
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    The HTML code necessary to embed a Flash player into a page is generated.Dash Media Player can also embed a play list that may list several videos and MP3 audio clips retrieved from the server by the means of a feed in RSS, ASX or XML format that returns details of the videos or audio clips.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
  7. No Screenshot
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    WMSServer can be used to retrieve statistics of usage of a Windows Media server.WMSServer uses a Windows COM object to connect to a Windows Media server given a its host name and user name and password to retrieve the statistics.WMSServer can retrieve many types of statistics regarding the users connected to the Windows Media server, bandwidth usage, protocol type usage, ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    PHPObject is an open source alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers. With PHPObject, you can call a method of a PHP class or library on your web server as if it was defined in Flash itself.PHPObject takes care of your client-server connections and makes passing of variables (properties) between Flash MX and PHP easy, and thereby providing a convenient ...
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