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  1. Comment Probation
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    Comment Probation is a WordPress plugin for adding all comments from a registered user to the moderation queue. By default, all new comments from a registered user are approved by default. This plugin changes this mechanism, by approving comments "in probation." This means all new comments from the author with a comment in probation will also be reviewed before being ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    BrowserID login with PHP is a simple PHP library for authenticating users via BrowserID. BrowserID is a secure, multibrowser website authentication mechanism developed by Mozilla. The library will allow websites and web-based apps to authenticate users against the BrowserID protocol via PHP. A demo is included with the download package.
  3. Simple Session Solution
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    Simple Session Solution is a PHP script for working with session IDs. It provides a simple way to start and end sessionsand also contains a timeout mechanism. Manipulates session data via GET and POST strings to ensure universal access to various site sections. This system uses GET and POST because cookies are either unsafe, or the users have turned them ...
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