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    Message Digest takes a data string and generates a message digest using a given hashing algorithm. SHA1 and MD5 hashing algorithms are supported.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    CAPTCHA X generates an image with a random text rendered in a fuzzy way to make it difficult to guess by robots.The configuration details are read from an file in the ini format. Several types of options can be configured like the text fonts, letters, colors and the noise level of the generated image.The verification image is generated in the ...
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    Extended MD5 embeds the user-defined code onto the md5 hash using a binary xor algorithm.
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    The Login Class looks up in a given MySQL table for the password of a given user, and checks if the password matches a given value entered by the user being authenticated.If there is a record for the specified user and the password is correct, The Login Class sets a session variable with the user name and returns the code ...
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    Auth_SASL class provides code to handle generating clientside responses to various SASL mechanisms including:- Digest-MD5- Cram-MD5- Plain- Anonymous- Login (Pseudo mechanism)
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    ASCII Crypt can be used to encrypt and decrypt text messages using pure PHP code. It does not require any encryption libraries. It just uses MD5 for hashing.The text can be encrypted with a password that needs to be used to decrypt the resulting encrypted text.
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    Simple Authentication and Security Layer provides a single interface for implementing multiple standard authentication mechanisms commonly used by Internet protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.Currently Simple Authentication and Security Layer implements following mechanisms:- PLAIN- LOGIN- CRAM-MD5- NTLM (used by Windows or Linux/Unix with Samba)- Basic (used in HTTP Basic authentication)- Digest (used in HTTP Digest authentication)
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    Passwd is an Unix-style CRYPT_MD5 PHP class.
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    passwd.class.php has some common encryption thingies that is useful, the class can handle both DES and MD5 encryption.
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    authenticator is intended to authenticate users by calling a stored procedure of Microsoft SQL server named SP_Login.It works by comparing the password supplied by the user against the password returned by the stored procedure. These passwords are encrypted using the MD5 algorithm to avoid storing clear text passwords.authenticator may also output a simple login form in HTML ready to use ...
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    PHTML Template is a new major release of PHTML::Template PHP template compiler engine.PHTML Template features the following changes according to this legend:-Added, - Removed, * Changed, ! Bugfix- Added support for SWITCH/CASE statements- Added md5 support for generating cache files names- Added compiled template code cleanup and garbage collection- Added 'TIME', 'TIMESTAMP' and 'VERSION' placeholders- PHP-native include used instead of ...
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    Guid is a simple script that meant to generate text values that may be used as global unique identifiers (GUID).The GUID values are generated from random seed numbers, the local computer network host name and the local time. The resulting value is digested with MD5 algorithm.
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    Class Cache is capable of caching arbitrary data in files of a given folder. This is meant to help reducing the time it takes to serve the same content of pages that would take a long time to generate and would slow down the access to such pages if they had to regenerated everytime when not using content caching.Class Cache ...
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    Encrypt MD5 64 implements an algorithm that uses the MD5 digest of a key to encrypt and decrypt data.The encrypted data is encoded with the base 64 algorithm to return the resulting data in a plain ASCII text string.
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    File upload php class is meant for handling files uploaded via Web forms. It includes a function for storing the files with encoded names with two options: md5 and latin.Additional methods also are included in a class to resize file images or output listings of the uploaded files in the destination storage directory.
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