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  1. phpEquations
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    This is a self-contained PHP script for calculating mathematical equations via PHP code alone, without any dependency on external libraries or softwareThis small script is a life-saver for developers that have problems solving math equations.phpEquations lets the user input his equations and provides a matrix with the results.phpEquations can be used in engineering, applied sciences and in the educational sector, ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Matrix new is an enhanced version of the Matrix class originally written by Diego Carrera. The script is designed to allow matrix operations in PHP code. This version introduces functions to set the matrix columns and rows values directly, added a few more mathematical functions to initialize the values of the matrix, among other enhancements.Requirements:- PHP 4 or higher
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    This class can be used to calculate the median and percentile of a set of values.It takes a set of numeric values and can calculate an arbitrary percentile.The class can also calculate the median (50%) and quartile (25%, 50%, 75%).
  4. Graph Plotter
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    Graph Plotter is a Math Graph script for PHP, it can evaluate the given function for a given interval of X and Y variable values and draw lines between the calculated points. This free PHP script can also draw a grid of scale values as well as the X and Y axis. More than one graphic can be rendered in ...
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    This class is designed to create bitmasks, which are very commonly used to store lists of true or false values as a single integer.The class can manpulate bitmasks that are not limited to 32 bits. It does not need the PHP gmp extension to provide arbitrary bit length support.This absence of limits may encourage the storage of more complex data ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to find prime numbers with the Sieve of Atkin algorithm.It can take a limit number and find all prime numbers smaller than the given limit.
  7. No Screenshot
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    Trigonometric tools is the sine of an angle can be computed from the cosine or tangent, while the cosine from the sine and tangent. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  8. No Screenshot
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    Quadratic Equation Solver takes as parameters the coefficients a, b and c and the precision of the root values. The quadratic equation roots are calculated returned in an array. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    xFraction can take as parameters fractional numbers represented in several ways, like array with numerator and denominator integer values, integer, floating point or string with a number. Operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, comparison, cancel, retrieving the canceled reciprocal fraction, can be performed. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  10. No Screenshot
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    MyBox takes the dimension of a package defined by its width, height and depth, and computes the volumetric weight.The volumetric weight can be displayed in Kg or pounds.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
  11. No Screenshot
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    Rational numbers are those numbers that can be represented as the ratio between two integer numbers. Any real number with a finite number decimal digits or that repeats a sequence of digits can be represented as a rational number.Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are supported operations.The results of the operations are also rational numbers, simplified to eliminate any common factors ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    The syntax used to write the formulas can be defined. Basic logic operations (and, or, not, implies, etc...) can be applied. Proposition (cleaning, developing, disjunctive form, conjunctive form) can be transformed.You can even make demonstrations of your proposition, by looking up the values table or simply by demonstrating it (simple analysis of the disjunctive form: not too greedy). The FOLP ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    Eval Math can take an expression in a text string and evaluate it by replacing values of variables and calculating the results of mathematical functions and operations. It supports implicit multiplication, multivariable functions and nested functions.Eval Math can be used to evaluate expressions from untrusted sources. It provides robust error checking and only evaluates a limited set of functions. Graphs ...
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    Use calculator.php to embed a calculator (arithmetic and scientific) in your PHP programs and HTML code.
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    Financial functions with the Excel function names and parameter order.Financial_class includes:- Thirty360USdayCount- Thirty360USyearFraction- Thirty360EUdayCount- Thirty360EUyearFraction- ActualActualdayCount- ActualActualyearFraction- Actual360dayCount- Actual360yearFraction- Actual365dayCount- Actual365yearFraction- DATEADD- DATEDIFF- DELTA- DOLLARDE- DOLLARFR- DAYS360- PV- FV- FVSCHEDULE- PMT- IPMT- PPMT- NPER- EFFECT- NOMINAL- DDB- SYD- SLN- DISC- RECEIVED- INTRATE- NPV- XNPV- IRR- MIRR- XIRR- RATE- VDB- YIELD- PRICEDISC- YIELDDISC- COUPNUM- COUPDAYSBS
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