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    This is a PHP script that can manipulates files in directories recursively.It can traverse a given directory recursively and match files that satisfy given filter conditions based on the file names, size, modification time, permissions, etc..The script may call given callback functions to perform custom operations on the matched files defined by the applications.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Regexp Builder is a PHP script designed to build simple and regular expressions programmatically, it provides clearly named functions to add each part of a regular expression, such as matching the beginning or end of the text, match a range of characters, match any text, match a portion of text multiple times, capture a portion of the text, etc..The result, ...
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    Autoloader uses PHP 5 auto-load support to load classes from a configurable directory. It traverses the directory for class script files with extensions usually associated to class files and loads the class file that match the requested class name.A log variable containing all the classes loaded in this manner, is being kept.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A connection to a DICT server can be established and several types of queries can be executed.DICT Client can retrieve the list of available databases, the list of available strategies, information about a given database, the status and information about the server, a list of matching entries for a given word in a database using a given strategy, definitions of ...
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    Table records can be inserted or updated using a list of table field values.Key Features of Flash SQL:- Delete table records that match a given condition- Retrieve a table field values of records that match a given condition- Create a table with a list of fields- Execute an SQL query and return results formatted in a suitable format for use ...
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    Functions to call preg_match(), preg_replace() and preg_match_all() are provided. The regular expression matching functions store the matched results as objects in class variables.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Love match is a simple class class that computes a "love" factor dependent on the values of the letters of the names of two people.Love match returns a value in percentage. 100% is good for you and your love, 0% and you can stop thinking about her or him. It is meant for attracting teenagers to a site.
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    highlighting_skipphtml can be used to highlight words in of text in HTML. Matches in the html tags will be skipped.
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    pmatch is an alternative to grep. It has most of the same functionality, but coupled with the power of PCRE engine in PHP. By default, pmatch shows only the portion of the line that matched, unlike grep that always shows the entire line.
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