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  1. FormSaver
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    FormSaver is a PHP script which can be used to display form field values submitted by POST without additional markup in the HTML form.
  2. Zoocache
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    Zoocache caches the output of your php pages for dramatically saving cpu power and speeding up loading of the pages, especially when using a CMS. Zoocache also provides an interface for plugins to manipulate the cached output, e.g. minifying the HTML markup, etc. Features of Zoocache: - Different storage drivers (currently file system & MySQL; easily extendable) - GZip compression ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    BowML Parser is a miniature PHP framework that lets you parse any type of markup language, such as: XML, HTML, WML, etc..It turns each element, string node, and attribute into its own object within your program.It can be for creating new Web pages or manipulating existing pages by using document objects instead of HTML text. The included example lets you ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Valid Markup starts output buffering using the ob_tidyhandler function as filter to make it regenerate the current script HTML output to make sure it is formatted as XHTML.Valid Markup is also possible to have the class set the DTD to one of several HTML and XHTML versions.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
  5. No Screenshot
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    The purpose of this library is to offer a structured way to generate XHTML markup from PHP, without the traditional interleaving of PHP chunks, HTML chunks and echo statements all over. HoinP is an intermediate concept between templating systems (I don't like the paradigm) and PHP DOM extensions (over complicated for the purpose). It will fit well in MVC designed ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    FSM Parser can be used to parse or preprocess any markup or programming language using a finite state machine.First it is necessary to define each state transition by specifying a regular expression to determine the format of the text to expect, the code to execute when the expected text is found, the next states of the transaction to when the ...
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    YapBB's Bulletin Board Tags class, YBBtags can process texts for you in a way which is familiar to visitors of online discussion boards ('forums').YBBtags supports processing of code, php, quote, simple markup, urls, emoticons, lists, images, irc's /me, de-html-izer
  8. No Screenshot
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    tag classes takes an HTML tag that has an open and a closing tag, like for instance or foo bar, and breaks it down for easy editing.tag classes can also regenerate an HTML tag from its definition of the markup, attributes and content, eventually after it has been parsed and edited.
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