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    MarkEngine is a static site website generator, working on top of PHP and Markdown. MarkEngine reads given templates, a folder structure and Markdown files, compiling all into static HTML pages. The engine is perfect for building simple structured static HTML websites. It doesn't need lots of resources to work and completely revolves around CSS and Markdown formatting, so even less ...
  2. ReMarkable
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    ReMarkable Beta is a Markdown-like mark-up language and takes formatted plain-text and converts it into valid HTML code. It is similar to Markdown, but contains many differences. ReMarkable can be used inside PHP apps or from the command line.Features of ReMarkable Beta:- Paragraphs- Line Breaks- Headings- Automatic Title Case- Automatic Table of Contentshttp://camendesign.com/code/remarkable- Horizontal Rule / Thematic Break- Inline Formatting- ...
  3. Markdownify
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    This is a PHP library for converting HTML code to Markdown syntax. Markdownify allows the user to write texts in Markdown and save them in HTML. The library can also convert the saved HTML back to Markdown if necessary.Because page impressions are far more often than write actions, this gives a simple way to increase a page’s speed.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 ...
  4. PHP Markdown
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    PHP Markdown is a port to PHP of the Markdown syntax by John Gruber. Markdown syntax allows users to write text naturally and format it without using HTML tags.The PHP library converts that syntax from Markdown to HTML and back if needed. The library comes in an enhanced form, known as PHP Markdown Extra.This special version of PHP Markdown implements ...
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