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    Uses geocoding data from yahoo.com to create a customizable Google Map that can be placed on your website in as little as 5 lines of code.
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    Lumine is an object-relational mapping tool combining the styles of two frameworks: Hibernate and PEAR::DB_DataObjects.Lumine can manage information in objects to be stored and retrieved in relational databases. It uses XML files to define how tables are mapped to database tables to know how to store and retrieve the mapped objects.Features of Lumine:- It uses DOMIT! XML Parser to process ...
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    Generic string mapping class maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.Features of Generic string mapping class:- Maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.- Maps characters not present in the table with user defined function.- Separate mapping tables are provided to convert ISO Latin 1 strings to upper case, lower case accents and cedillas to correspondent ASCII ...
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    phpDbObject isa class to map an object to adatabase, written in PHP. It allows object relational mapping (ORM).
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