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    Asmall class that turns a physical address into a mapquest.com query. mapquest.com is a service which displays maps for most any internation region.
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    GPX Mapper & CMS can be used to generate maps and location files in GPX XML format from information of coordinates of relevant global position points.It uses location coordinate information retrieved from a GPS receiver that have been previously stored in a MySQL database, and generates location files in GPX XML format.GPX Mapper & CMS can also be used to ...
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    GMapBuilder generates the necessary HTML and Javascript to present the maps of specified locations. It can set the location of the point in the center of the map and the map zoom level.Custom markers that appear at specific locations on the map can also be added. The width, height and additional styles of the map page element can also be ...
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    Functions for mapping objects of a sub-class to rows of a database table, are provided. Each sub-class is mapped to a database table with the same name.Persistencia uses PHP 5 reflection support to retrieve public class variables and map them to database table fields with the same name.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higherLimitations:The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    Karatag Google Maps HTTP Request connects to the Google Maps API server and performs a query for the latitude and longitude coordinates of an address given its street name, zip code, city and country.An array containing the status code, accuracy, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates, is returned.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higher
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    Access Methods can be used to map accesses to class variables into calls to setter and getter methods.Access Methods provides functions that can called from a class __set and __get methods to automatically set or get the property values by calling the class setter and getter methods for the respective properties.For example, if there is a property named "name", Access ...
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    This PHP script is designed to act as a base class for storing and retrieving objects in MySQL databases. This base class should be extended by other class to define the MySQL database table and the fields to store and retrieve the object variables.ORM mapping class executes SQL queries with the aim to extract objects that can be saved back ...
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    MapPoint PHP API can be used to access Microsoft MapPoint location finding and mapping Web services. It is a port to PHP of the MapPoint API available for ASP.NET.
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    Currently, Space maps can generate an image with a space map with a given number of sectors placed at random locations in a way that they do not overlap. It can also render optional space gates.The map image is served as the active script output, in JPEG format.Requirements:PHP 4 or higher
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    The HTML and JavaScript code necessary to embed the maps into Web pages is generated.Gmapper supports generating several types of maps and adds the necessary controls to the let the user manipulate the maps presentation. It supports regular maps, satellite view, hybrid view, moon, mars and sky maps.Gmapper can also add markers to the maps, tabs, link markers, circles, polylines, ...
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    The HTML and JavaScript code required to display a map inside a page with optional locations marked, is generated.Key Features of Easy Google Map:- Define the map width, height and zoom level- Add one or more marker to locations on the map using their addresses- Use several types of predefined icons and colors to mark locations- Define the information window ...
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    Several features, such as points with specified geographic coordinates, lines, polygons, links and overlaid icons, can be added to a KML definition.KML Generator can return the KML definitions as XML document strings or serve them as the output of the current script.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    KML Creator can be used to generate mapping features files in the KML format. It provides several classes that abstract different types of map features such as folders, documents, place marks, points, lines, polygons, styles, icons, labels, etc.. The main class can compose a KML document using objects of the map feature classes and generate a KML file either in ...
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    KMLCreator is a PHP class to create KML files. KML is the Google Earth format to present geographical elements like eares, points, lines, polygons.KMLCreator let you create almost every possibities that kml permits to do. Here are the elements available :- Folders : present your datas in folders- Areas, Lines, Polygons and points : every geographical elements are available- Styles ...
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    geocode can be used to retrieve the geographic coordinates of a location. It may also be used to retrieve Javascript code to display maps of a location using Virtual Earth or Google Maps API.It uses the Geocoding tool of Emad Fanous to retrieve the necessary information by accessing the tool Web site.
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