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    DumbledORM is a lightweight ORM (object-relational mapper) for PHP. It practically allows easy interaction and data exchange between PHP and SQL systems, all done in an object-oriented manner. Usage documentation is included with the download package. Check the README file. It includes support for various operations. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Big bugfix on updates ...
  2. xCSS
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    xCSS is a PHP script for writing CSS in an object-oriented manner and adds support for OOP-like mentality, like variables, code reusage, DRY principles, etc.. It keeps CSS overhead down and allows (X)HTML attributes to remain semantic and inspired by OO CSS and SASS. Features of xCSS:- Selector inheritance- keep it modular- Nested selectors- Variables- Loosely syntax- Multiple files Requirements:- ...
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