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    BracketPress is a sports bracket manager for WordPress. It allows WordPress admins to run and manage a tournament bracket on their site. While originally developed for NCAA's March Madness (College Basketball tournament), BracketPress is sport agnostic, being ideal for any type of sport league that ends via a bracketed stage. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate ...
  2. Newsletter Manager
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    Newsletter Manager is a very advanced newsletter and email campaign manager for the WordPress platform. From simple newsletter updates to complete email marketing campaigns, the plugin can handle all in stride. Features of Newsletter Manager:- Sidebar widgets- Opt-in policy- Organize email campaigns- Email list management- Import/export utilities- Bulk email list adding- Statistics page- Subscription confirmation- Unsubscribe from newsletter option- WP ...
  3. phpFFL
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    phpFFL is a free and fully customizable online Fantasy Football League Manager with a live(ajax) draft module. It is a web based application which uses php & MySQL. League Admin & Individual Team Admin is all handled through the phpFFL web interface. Features included in phpFFL:- Live Draft Module based on Ajax with autodraft capability.- Default player rank and ability ...
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    This module integrates elFinder (https://sourceforge.net/projects/elfinder/) file manager with Drupal CMS through WYSIWYG API.Features of elFinder for Drupal:- Integrated with WYSIWYG API capable editors: CKEditor, FCKeditor, TinyMCE, BUEditor, jWYSIWYG, YUI, WYMeditor- Multiple file upload- File copying/moving with Drag & Drop support- Lightbox-preview- Contect menu with generic file/directory operations- Inline text file editing- Favories directory list- Directory selection history- Working with archives
  5. Reportula
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    This is a PHP job manager. Through an easy to understand/use web interface, the admin can oversee job execution and view reports on past jobs.Features of Reportula:- Display last jobs status- Display volumes usage by pool- Show Jobs which executed with errors last day, week, month- Show a condition of your Volumes- Show terminated Jobs- Search Jobs on several conditions- ...
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    This AutoLoad Manager is a generic autoloaded that can be used with any PHP framework or library. Using the PHP tokenzier mechanism, it will parse folder(s) and discover the different scripts and interfaces defined. The big advantage of using this autoload manageris that it will allow you to implement whaterver naming rules you want and may have multiple scripts in ...
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