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    The plugin will allow any site owner to monetize his online presence in a much easier and comprehensive way. The features of Simple Ads Manager- Flexible logic of advertisements rotation based on defined weight of each advertisement in group (Ads Place)- Custom default ad for each Ads Place Allowed types of ad’s codes are HTML, javascript, PHP- Codes of Google ...
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    Can be used to run an advertising business, but can also be used to run ads just on one site as well. Features of Orbit Open Ad Server - Can work with three ads sources- Detailed documentation and friendly community- Can be integrated with any website- Admin panel- Graphic installer- Payment gateways support- High performance, fully-functional commercial version at any ...
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    UserPie is a customizable, open source, user management framework / login script. Don't re-invent the wheel; quickly build your web project with a simple, framework that provides lots of functionality without getting in the way. Features of UserPie:- User Login- Registration Form- Password Recovery- E-Mail Verification- Session Cookie ("Remember Me")- Change Password Form- Update E-mail Form- Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework)- ...
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    phpRetrieve is a Web-based database management toolkit. It allows database administrators to easily build SQL queries and interrogate the database for desired data. All database interfacing is done via a Web interface, accessible through the browser. Features of phpRetrieve:- Config-based install- Easy to use SQL query builder- Export query results to CSV and/or XML- Save queries for later usage- Private ...
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    Prima Members is easy to use open source membership management system with integrated shopping cart. Features of Prima Members:- Product Management- Member Control- Members Settings- Newsletter- Mailer Settings (allows changing the mailer settings using this page)- System e-mail (edit system e-mail templates)- Statistics- Activity Log- Coupons and Discount System Management- Administrator Management- Security Settings- Design Manager Requirements:- PHP 4.1 or ...
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    School Management System is a PHP script for managing a school's records. This system allows a school's administrators to keep online records of their students, their parents, grades and the school staff. At one point, Gmail credentials are requested during the install for sending out emails. Do not offer them if not sure how they are handled. This step can ...
  7. Bulk User Management
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    Bulk User Management is a WordPress plugin which can manage entire user databases across a multitude of WP installations. It brings the entire collection of user databases inside a WP multi-site installation together for easier management. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher- WordPress multi-site enabled What's New in This Version:- Adds a screen option for number of users per page.- Makes ...
  8. Flexcustomer
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    Flexcustomer is a simple, free and open source users management module. With using this script, users can register, edit their information and password or find their lost password, administor can search, delete or browse users' information. This program is easy to be internationalized, friendly interface and install system is available. At the same time, low price customization service is provided. ...
  9. Calendar Solution
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    Calendar Solution is a PHP-driven events calendar system. It allows an user to host his own events management system, and keep track of his agenda on his own. An optional API for WordPress Shortcodes is also provided. Features of Calendar Solution:- Calendar view- Detailed list- Summary table- Bullet list- iCalendar lists and items- Admin dashboard- Multiple database support
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    This is a simple log in and user management script written in PHP, JQUERY and MYSQL. It is very easy to integrate into your website if you want to have a user management system.Features of uMScript:- Log in interface for both administrator and users.- Forgot password page- User registration page.- User panel which allows for password modification and user information ...
  11. Admidio
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    Admidio is a free open source members management system for homepages of organizations and groups. The system contains several modules like profiles, customizable user lists, dates, fotos, guestbook or downloads which you can add to your page.
  12. Joomdle
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    These exist a set of Joomla modules and extensions for integrating Joomla with Moodle, a course management system. It provides a single sign-on system to access Moodle content from a Joomla site.Features of Joomdle:- Single Sign On- Synchronising users between platforms- Centralised User Profiles- Linking to and Displaying Moodle Content in the Joomla frontend- Student Specific Views- Course Specific Views- ...
  13. Filecharger
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    Filecharger is a self hosted, web-based file management solution for businesses, service providers, and individuals. Filecharger uses PHP and the latest web standards for fast deployment and broad compatibility.Features of Filecharger:- File Explorer Feel Power of an FTP client or explorer, online Zip and unzip files easily Create, upload, move and rename files Preview many file types in-browser- User Management ...
  14. phpEmailUser
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    phpEmailUser, a simple user login management with sessions. User registers with email address as user name and receives verification email. Basic admin interface, "forgot password" feature, customizable user data fields, login attempt limitation, etc.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- MySQLi
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