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    By using MaskMail you can make mailto: links on your page without the webcrawlers collecting your email address for spam usage.MaskMail is written only to mask the mail address, but may easily modified to mask webaddresses ect..
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    MailCrypter allows for easy scrambling of email addresses found in mailto links.The links are automatically descrambled when viewed in a javascript enabled browser, but should be invisible to email harvesting programs.
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    Two separate version of an address are being generated for displayed on Web pages and for use in mailto: links.In both versions the @ character is replaced by alternative characters. In the mailto: link version the other characters are encoded using equivalent numeric HTML entities.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A simple script to allow you to use a feedback form on your site. All you need is PHP and you stop using the mailto links, which every spammer looks for.
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    Mailto Encoder creates a mailto: links for the given email address using equivalent character entities that replace the characters of the URLs in the link URL attributes.This is meant to prevent that e-mail harvesting robots used by spammers to collect e-mail addresses find the e-mail addresses when they are looking for mailto: or @ text, without compromising the ability of ...
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    Email Crypt converts an email mailto: links to Javascript to to make it more difficult for the robots that spammers use to harvest the addresses by crawling the Web pages of a site.
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    Basically, SaferMail does the same work that a mailto: HREF would do but does it without exposing the email address to spammers. It checks if a web browser has requested the email address in keeping with several rules. If those rules are satisfied, it redirects the user to their mail client. * PHP/MySQL driven * Easy set-up.
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