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    This class can be used to end commands to control the iTunes program using AppleScript.It can send AppleScript commands to an instance of iTunes program running on Mac OS X.Currently it can retrieve the name of the song that is playing, move to the previous or next song, set the sound volume.
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    This PHP class generate valid NIC MAC addresses. It generates an string that can be used as a valid MAC address for a network device.
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    Several tools can be used to perform different types of network analysis operations. Key Features of adv_net:- Ping a given IP address using nmap command- Get the MAC address of a network card with a given IP address using arping command- Get the IP address from a host name and vice-versa using host command- Discover the IP addresses of hosts ...
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    PHP Serial takes the path (like "/dev/ttyS0" for linux or "COM1" for windows) of serial device and checks whether it is valid before opening a connection to it.Once the connection is opened, it can send data to the serial port, and read answers (reading is only implemented for linux). The connection parameters for the given serial device can also be ...
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    NT MAC Address is meant to retrieve the MAC address associated to a network card of a computer in the same local network.This class works only under Windows 2000 or later and can retrieve the MAC address of either the network card associated to the IP address of the current Web server or the client accessing to it.NT MAC Address ...
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