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    Booster Template processes templates and generates PHP script files that generate the template output when executed. Template variables are defined as array, which get extracted into local variables before the compiled template script files are included.The template engine supports variables with optional modifiers, comments, including external template files, adding separate Javascript and CSS style definitions, localized text, inline PHP code, ...
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    Template Engine features support for blocks, loops, ifset and rotations. It is fast and most suitable for small and medium projects.
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    Indenting is supported with some limitations.Key Features of phpTierMenu:- No depth level limit- Supports images and text- Control over major font and table properties- Great for setting up through loops
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    Regular expressions are used to parse and process template place holder parameters.Key Features of DirecTemplate:- Loops within template blocks iterating over multiple values of a template parameter- Conditional template blocks- Transform template parameters using template functions with the same names of built-in PHP functions- Assigning parameter variables within the templates- Displaying sets of data split in multiple pages- Plug-ins to ...
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    Flexible Template Engine loads templates that are PHP scripts that are executed to compose the page output.Template marks can be replaced with custom variable values. The generated output maybe compressed with gzip algorithm to generate small pages.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHTML Template is a new major release of PHTML::Template PHP template compiler engine.PHTML Template features the following changes according to this legend:-Added, - Removed, * Changed, ! Bugfix- Added support for SWITCH/CASE statements- Added md5 support for generating cache files names- Added compiled template code cleanup and garbage collection- Added 'TIME', 'TIMESTAMP' and 'VERSION' placeholders- PHP-native include used instead of ...
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    Perfect Templates is a template engine that uses regular expressions to process template files. It supports variables, includes, loops and conditional clauses (if, elseif, else).
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    Templateze is a template engine that uses direct string replacement to process template files.Templateze supports:- Placeholder with multiple different start and end marks- Iteration over looping blocks- Substitution of place holder with data from additional files
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    multipleInsert is very useful when it is necessary to insert multiple records into a single table. Instead of looping over a insert query, we can create one insert query by using this class.
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    PHP MicroTemplate provides an extremely fast, lightweight templating system for HTML and other text-based documents. Like FastTemplate and its many clones, MTPL supports nested blocks and looping. However, the entire implementation is done without a single regular expression.The PHP interpreter is leveraged for its built-in variable interpolation, and explode() is used to separate block markers from content using a simple ...
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