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    This package is a continuous integration framework. It can run continuous integration loops to verify the result of a build of a Web site. It can produce an extensive HTML report about the results of the continuous integration loop.
  2. Haanga
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    This package is a template engine that can process Django style templates.It can parse Django style templates and compile them into PHP code that can be executed to generate the processed template output.The engines supports variable replacement, conditional blocks, loops, external template file inclusion.It also supports template inheritance by allowing to redefining a template based on another template.
  3. Funcational Template Manager
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    The Template engine can run its own for loops {for i; i < 3; i++, [i]<br />}. This class implements a template engine that replaces variables in files It can load a template file and process it to extract the list of template variables and replace them by template variable values. The class supports replacing variables from a given array ...
  4. Extensible Template
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    This class implements a template processing engine.It find and process tags in a template in the form of <tpl:TAG param1="value1" param2="value2" ...> block </tpl:TAG> or as in the contracted form <tpl:TAG param1="value1" param2="value2" ... />.Each tag found is processed by calling functions of the class. Therefore, the template engine can be extended by a sub-class that implements new types of ...
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    This class implements a caching template processing engine.It takes a template file or string and processes it to generate a cached version that is a PHP script to be executed when the template output is processed.The engine supports replacing variables, iterate over array variables inside loops, conditional sections, include separate template files, use variable sub-strings, use object variables, use GET ...
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    The FileIterator class enables you to very easily loop over each line of a file, without having to write the same code over and over again. There is of course a downside. Unfortunately in a loop over a 23000 line file, the Iterator code proved to be roughly twice as slow as the "old" way, so using it in a ...
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    UI Template is an HTML template file can be parsed to build a DOM-like structure. The code builder traverses the parsed template structure and generates a PHP script that is executed to process the template. UI Template supports custom tags that implement conditional sections, iterate over loops, include other template files, etc.. The compiled template scripts are stored in a ...
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    plato flexibility allows users to develop custom plugins. plato has the ability to insert variables, include files, make function calls to plugins, and perform loops.
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    This template engine is easy to use and supports looping.
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    STC compiles templates and generates PHP code for processing the template. The compiled templates get cached in files. STC supports template variable assignment, including separate template files, conditional sections and iteration section loops. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    All the standard array functions are emulated, but loopedArray also adds two additional ones, "before" and "after," which return the element before and after a specified one.
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    You can loop over an array of colors (or colspan, or align, or whatever) by row or col an arbitrary number of times.Templates can be used in order to reuse table designs.
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    Regular expressions are used to locate placeholders and replace them with the assigned variable values. Curly braces { } ) are used to identify placeholders.phpEngine also supports the spacial tags <loop> and <var> to identify placeholders and iteration loop sections.
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    Mrasnika's template system features such as blocks, includes, loops with or without section for empty lists, fast variable and template substitution, as well as sub-templates are supported.
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    Several templates can be combined to produce the output.Key Features of Simple Template Parser:- Display the processed template as the current script output or write it to a file- Iterate over a section using loops- Evaluate conditional sections that may be nested- Output multiple columns per row in a table loop- Change color parameters in a loop
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