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  1. AJAX Login Module
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    AJAX Login Module can be used to authenticate users without reloading a login page. It can generate the HTML with Javascript that uses the jQuery library to present a login form that is submitted using an AJAX request for verifying the user password. The script uses a separate database access class to perform a database query to the users database ...
  2. Force email login
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    Force email login logins with your email address on WordPress sites. By default, to login on a WordPress-powered site requires an username and password. The Force email login plugin makes fundamental changes to the login system by replacing the username field with the user's email. If the username is used, an error message will be shown. If the user mistypes ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    UserPie is a customizable, open source, user management framework / login script. Don't re-invent the wheel; quickly build your web project with a simple, framework that provides lots of functionality without getting in the way. Features of UserPie:- User Login- Registration Form- Password Recovery- E-Mail Verification- Session Cookie ("Remember Me")- Change Password Form- Update E-mail Form- Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework)- ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    On today's tutorial were gonna build an Php and Jquery login script. To make it more easy I separated the article in 4 parts: Html Form Adding Php Jquery checks Final code First of all we are goind to make the html form which it is well designed in css3.
  5. No Screenshot
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    EPILinkedIn is a PHP library to build a "Sign in with LinkedIn" login system. It was created for working with the LinkedIn professionals social network. Basically, the library is a wrapper around the LinkedIn API, supporting basic authentication or via OAuth. The script is based on Jaisen Mathai's Twitter-async library. Requirements:- LinkedIn API key
  6. No Screenshot
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    Skin Login customize the WordPress login page and allows an administrator to customize his login page via custom CSS and various themes. By doing this, he can mask his site's core technology or he can provide a branded CMS/website to his clients, even if using the open source WordPress platform. Features of Skin Login:- Apply a certain theme to the ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    This is a free PHP login script that allows users to log in and sign up for pages on your website. You can have unlimited members, page, groups and permission masks. The administration panel and group panel use AJAX for fast functionality. Features of Quadodo Login Script:- Secure- Unlimited Users, Groups, Masks, and Pages- Easy to understand API- Full AJAX ...
  8. PHP login Script
    2098 total visits
    PHP Login script has a new admin back-end feature allowing you to make changes to how the script works on your site, to adminstor user accounts and it has been updated to work with the latest versions of PHP and database language such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. It has been made more secure. It is still in beta phase and ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    BrowserID is a BrowserID-powered login system for WordPress. The plugin adds an additional BrowserID login button as a secondary way to login on the WP login page. Template tags, a shortcode and a sidebar widget are also available for use.Requirements:- WordPress 3.1 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:Improvements:- Store debug info only when debugging enabled.- Added trailing slash to site ...
  10. phpEmailUser
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    phpEmailUser, a simple user login management with sessions. User registers with email address as user name and receives verification email. Basic admin interface, "forgot password" feature, customizable user data fields, login attempt limitation, etc.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- MySQLi
  11. PHP Login
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    This is a free PHP login script to give your site a strong level of security. It enables web page password protection across as many pages as you want, all with just adding one line of code for each page you wish to protect.
  12. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP script to register and log users in a website, and shows the Online users. It's created with the method based on classes and objects (OOP). It uses PHP, MySQL and Ajax / JavaScript (but also it works with browsers which has no activated JavaScript). The connectiong to MySQL is made with MySQLi.Features of Register Login User ...
  13. Custom Login
    266 total visits
    This WordPress plugin allows developers to customize their login screen. A backend admin page is provided for easy administration tasks. There is no need to understand CSS.Features of Custom Login:- Allows login screen design to be visible if the admin changes the theme.- Works great for CMS installs and for clients.- Comes with a Photoshop template included in the library ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    jpWare php login system is an Open Source PHP & MySQL login system with basic template support. jpWare php login system have some system requirements like: apache, php, mysql and support English languages.This script is modified version of the well-known jpMasters77 script ASP & PHP.
  15. iLogin
    626 total visits
    iLogin is a free Member login system that allow you to password protect parts of your site. Visitor can only gain access to these pages if they sign up and provide you with certain information about themselves. Some of the informationg fields (postal address, ICQ and telephone number) are optional - it is up to you, the webmaster, to decide ...
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