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    Logs the date, ip, script name, additional text. Additionally, display_log(), does not log duplicate entries within $toler seconds, resolves real ip for proxies.To use to log access to a php script or events by client.Notice: make sure that the log file has write privilege for Web server.
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    Use CCodeRed to show the attempts of the CodeRed Worm to infect your webserver. This code should work with all webserver using the Apache-logfile format.
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    CNimda class allows you to show the attempts of the new NIMDA Worm to infect your webserver. This code should work with all webserver using the Apache-logfile format. Now also scanning after "MSADC/root.exe" and "scripts/root.exe" when checking your log files.
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    MySQL Log allows you to add and show the log provide by other classes such as MySQL Connection and MySQL Recordset.
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    Display Logfile can format and display the lines of log files.The log file may be processed and displayed with the following features:- Display the lines by order of appearance in the log file or by reverse order- Display all log file lines or only upto a limited number of lines- Break lines that exceed a given number of characters- Retrieve ...
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    Class to control the access the pages of a site. It is not necessary MySQL or other database. The class logs warnings and errors to files.
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    phpHitCounter is a class that can logs and display the number of users that visited a site.The count of hits is stored in one file. The log of the visitors IP address and access time can be optionally recorded in another file. The class can display an hit count either using images or text digits.Feature of phpHitCounter:- Simple Hit Counter ...
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    Logging Class uses environment variables and date/time functions to log visitors data like IP address, port, browser, date and time and creates either text or xml outputs.
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    objectStatus is a PHP class for observing and logging objects. It collects messages and can print them to the screen, write into a log file, or send them via email to any number of recipients. objectStatus can be used for development purposes or for monitoring running applications. Please have a look at the xMySQL class (also in this repository) to ...
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    Apache log parser can be used to parse Apache log files in the common log format. It opens a given log file and parses each line at once. The values of the fields of each log line are returned in an associative array. Features of Apache log parser:- Fetch by IP- Fetch by Request- Fetch Requests by IP- Fetch Request ...
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    ErrorHandler classes is a powerful wrapper for PHP error-reporting features. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too.ErrorHandler classes has several enhancements (previously known as report layouts):- SOURCE = prints the source code fragment where the error encountered,- CONTEXT = prints variable context around error source,- SILENT mode = suppresses error-messages- REPLACE page = displays ...
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    OpenMail Advanced is a fast, highly configurable PHP form mailer and processor, with email validation, destination cloaking, fixed recipient settings and ip logs / bans.As the destination email addresses are never echoed to the browser, there is no opportunity for spammers to get hold of personal contact details. Now improved. Thanks too the feedback of users, and over 6000 downloads, ...
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