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    Apache Logs Reader is meant to parse and process Apache log files. It supports arbitrary Apache log formats, but it already comes with built in definitions to specify the formats: common, combined, referer and agent. There is a base class that parses and extracts information from the log lines. This class may be extended by a sub-class to process the ...
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    Apache or MySQL log files can be opened, parsed and several details can be extracted. The extracted log file details are returned by My Error Log Parsing in PHP in arrays.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Event Logger can be used to log events to a MySQL database or a file. It can add event entries to a log that later may be stored in a file or a MySQL database.The logged entries follow a configurable template that defines the number and types of details that each entry contains. Event Logger may also parse and extract ...
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    MoxieLogger is contained in one PHP class but it still has some powerful features to log error and debug messages.Key Features of MoxieLogger:- Log levels.- Log rotation.- Message format configuration.- File name format configuration.
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    Interbase with error logging is an Interbase database access wrapper. It can establish and close database connections and execute SQL queries.Interbase with error logging can log connection errors to a text file and query execution errors in special table named buglog. The SQL code for creating this table is provided with this class package.
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    Log Manager can be used to log activity to a file or the system logger. It can create a given log file if it does not exist and append new log messages.Log Manager can also open a connection to the system logger and send log messages with a given log level.
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    Nmn Logger class abstracts the logging of messages to different logging targets. There is a factory class that instantiates the logging driver class that performs that actual logging actions.There driver classes for logging messages to file, display the messages as part of the current script output or send the log messages to a given e-mail address. The current logging driver ...
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    AOP Library for PHP can be used to implement Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) by executing the code of classes that enable orthogonal aspects at run-time.The intention is to provide a means implement orthogonal aspects in separate classes that may be interesting add to the application, like logging, caching, transaction control, etc., without affecting the main business logic.AOP Library for PHP ...
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    RS Error can be used to handle PHP or PEAR triggered errors.RS Error can either display the error messages or append the messages to a log file. The PHP error codes can be displayed in a more human readable format.
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    Apache 2 log file parser class can be used to parse common log format files generated by Apache 2.Apache 2 log file parser reads an Apache log file into an array. Each log file line can be parsed to retrieve the request details: IP address, date, HTTP method, URI, response status code and user agent.
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    ML Log can be used to log Web site visitors in a MySQL database and compute statistics from the logged information. It uses sessions to destinguish each visitor. It can determine the visitors county by looking up a database table with information of the countries associated to each IP address range.ML Log provides functions for display the visitor log entries ...
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    Logger class oLogger can be used to generate and process log files stored in XML format.Logger class oLogger can add new log entries defined by XML nodes using values defined in an array class variable. The class can also parse a log file and display the log entries.
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    Log RSS CreatoR creates a MySQL table for site visits and writes each visit into your MySQL database. You should include the small logging script into the header or footer of site pages. The output is an RSS feed with realtime information about site visits. You can access it with your preferred RSS Reader and watch live how users enter ...
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    MM::CLog can be used to log and display error messages in popup browser windows. The error messages are defined by objects of the error class or derived classes.The base error message texts can be internationalized. Those texts are retrieved with an external locale message class.
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    Logfiles and logrecords handles log files with a limit size and makes a backup of theold logfile if its limit size is reached.A timer can be used to log how long the procedure took to finish. With this class it is very easy to simultaneously write more than one logfile.
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