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    A log file can be updated with new lines. When the log file is updated it can limit the number of lines that are stored by discarding older lines if necessary.Limitations: The code and the comments are written in Portuguese
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    worm is a php utility that will help you scan Apache access log files. It reports about possible attacks of worms like: CodeRed I and II and Nimda.
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    A log file containing the IP addresses and whether they could be proxies, gets generated. Rex can also check if an array of POST or GET values contains HTML excerpts with Javascript that could be used to perform XSS (Cross-site scripting) attacks.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higherWhat's New in This Release Rex:- Proxy port scan can be disabled (in some cases, ...
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    Simple error handling class can enable PHP execution error logging setting the file that logs error messages. It provides an error handler function that outputs a stack back-trace with the functions, arguments, file and lines of where an error occurs, as well the values of super-global variables $_GET, $_POST and $_FILES, and also the IP address of the current user ...
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    Outputting to the current page supports HTML, making the display of multi-line messages possible. When writting the log to a file it can start by truncating the file or appending the new log lines at the end of an existing file.In debug mode, oolog marks the log output to notice the lines being added as debug mode. For error messages ...
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    Logging is a class to handle the logging of errors, notices and other application messages. It has built-in functionality to write to STDERR (usually the error_log), STDOUT (just the Web page) or any supplied file.
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    Simple logging class that allows to log the events calling DLog directly or as an error handler. For each error type, you may specify how to log the information.Features of DLog:- Send an e-mail- Write to a log file- Record in a database (MySQL or MSSQL are supported, but you can extend the class to support other databases)- Display the ...
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    Log watcher is meant to poll log files and take any newly added lines and send them to a given watcher e-mail address.Although Log watcher can be used to poll any type of log files, it was developed with the intention to overcome a limitation of the PHP error trapping system that is not able to capture certain types of ...
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    Type Hint Class replaces the current PHP error handler, that performs enhanced type checking of the types of parameters when functions are called.Several classes are provided to perform type checking of parameters of base types: boolean, float, integer, string, resource, callable.There are additional classes for strict type checking of float and string values. These classes do not accept values of ...
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    MySQL Connection allows developers connect with MySQL Server with Log generate. Log class is required.
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    Log class can be used to create log files. The log files can be formatted with text messages and format macros that can simplify the generation of the messages with line breaks and counter values.Log class can automatically create the log files and the directories where the files will be stored. It also provide means to clean up log files ...
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    Log Writer and Reader can add new activity log records into a given MySQL table. Log Writer and Reader can log details like the type of log reference, an error message, the HTTP referrer URL, the remote user address, the logged user identifier, etc..Log Writer and Reader can also retrieve log entries from the database table and return them in ...
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    An error handler callback function that may execute several types of actions when a PHP runtime error is triggered, is provided.Currently Error Handler Class can either log the errors to a file, send a message to a given e-mail address, or show the error details on the current page if the user is a developer accessing the site from machine ...
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    Easy Logging can add activity entries to a log database table. It logs the activity prority level and class, the remote user identifier (if logged) and its computer IP address. Optionally Easy Logging can send e-mail about the activities being logged to a given e-mail address. Log entries can also be displayed as an HTML table. Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP CVS Client can perform several types of operations on a CVS repository through the "-pserver-" protocol.Key Features of PHP CVS Client:- Connects to a CVS server and authenticates on behalf of a given user- Checkout given files from the server- Retrieve the log of changes of a given fileRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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