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    Anyone can keep a changelog of edited files! Add / Edit / Delete Files & Folders easily. Have Unlimited Sub-Directories. Code is very neat and easy to read. It also has some protection for the end user so they don't have to resort to using phpMyAdmin to fix the problem :-D
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    The class Log4P is meant to output logging messages to log files. It can store messages formatted with a variable number of arguments and then exit.
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    This package Log Writer can be used to generate error logs for exception handling. Log Writer provides two classes: - one for logging errors to a log file. - one to display the errors as part of the current page script output.
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    The package PHP Log can be used to parse log files and process with separate classes. It can open a given log file and extract values according to a regular expression. By default it uses Apache common log format regular expression. For each log line it creates an array that contains the log field values. That array is passed to ...
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    LogManager can be used to log activity to a file or the system logger. The script LogManager can create a given log file if it does not exist and append new log messages. It can also open a connection to the system logger and send logd messages with a given log level.
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    With Error Logger Class, several types of error messages can be written to a log file by appending them to the end. The script may also output the error message to the current page or trigger a PHP error. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Logger_ciacob can be used to log variable values to files. It can add log entries to files with the values of variables of any PHP types. The log files are stored in a configurable logs directory with names based on the current calling context. The log file size limit and the log line length wrap limit are some of the ...
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    Spyc is a YAML loader/dumper written in PHP. Given an YAML document, Spyc will return an array which you can use however you see fit. If an array is given as input, Spyc will return a string which contains a YAML document built from the provided data.YAML is an amazingly human friendly and strikingly versatile data serialization language which can ...
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    Event log entries can be added to a given log file that has a name based on the current date with Debug - Log Writer.The Debug - Log Writer lists all files in the log file directory and makes all log files of past months are compacted in ZIP archives.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Easy Logger can write messages to log files about events of different levels of priority. The date and time format to be used in the log files can be specified.Log messages are grouped by date, so only if the current date is different from the last logged event date, new date will be added before log messages for that day.Requirements: ...
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    Logger class to write all at once can log one or more activity messages to a log file. Private array variables are used as a buffer to store message.When the object is destroyed, eventually at the end of the script, the messages are flushed to the log file all at once.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Log4Pi can append to log files with a given name messages about activity of applications.Log4Pi creates two distinct files for errors and other types of messages. The files have the same base name, which includes the current data, but have different file name extensions.The current date and time, the class name, line number and activity message, are included into the ...
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    Debug_Logging can output several types of event activity and show the current date and time, the user session, the calling function and line, as well a custom message. Debug_Logging is an Open Source PHP debug script.The debug output can be displayed in the current page, or outputted to a file. A new log file can be started when the previous ...
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    Debug_class can take a list of variable values as arguments and outputs their values to the current page output. The outputted values is followed by a backtrace of where the debug function was called, the current script memory usage and the current time. Debug_class can output the variable values and exit immediately. It can also redirect debug output to the ...
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    IDlog composes a log message made of configurable information elements that may include the current date and time, the current request browser, etc.. The PHP error_log function is called in order to output the composed log message to a specified file. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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