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    Account Lock is a WordPress plugin that allows user accounts to be locked. The 'Account Lock' plugin enables administrators to lock/disable accounts, without actually deleting or blocking access to the user's created content. The plugin works only by disabling login access, and not deleting any user details. The free, Lite version, locks accounts only for a day, while the commercial ...
  2. AJAX Locking
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    This package can be used lock server side resources to prevent race conditions that may occur when two users want to access the same resource simultaneously.It uses AJAX to lock and unlock resources from Javascript code running on the browser, thus without reloading the current page. The package comes with several drivers that can use different containers to manage the ...
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    Files can be locked, opened and released after user.
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    Simple MySQL DB Class can connect to a MySQL server and execute SQL queries.Key Features of Simple MySQL DB Class:- Execute SQL queries and retrieve single value results or return result rows into arrays- Return the last inserted table row identifier, the number of result rows and the number of affected rows- Count the number of executed queries- Lock and ...
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    Library intended to lock form processing. For example, you can use it to process double Submit click.
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    Mysql Locker can safely manage the locking and unlocking of MySQL tables. The table locks are created when an object of the class is created, and are automatically released when the object is destroyed.The table unlocking occurs when the object is no longer referenced, or when it goes out of scope. The latter also occurs when a PHP script dies ...
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    Locked Session Handler is custom session handler that allows for values stored in the session variables to be locked to prevent changes.The class provides functions to set, retrieve, check and delete session variable values, as well functions to lock and unlock given session variables.The names of locked variables are added to a special session variable array. If a script attempts ...
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    With NinethSense Login Validation Script, we can block automatic programmes used by hackers for login.
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