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    GMapBuilder generates the necessary HTML and Javascript to present the maps of specified locations. It can set the location of the point in the center of the map and the map zoom level.Custom markers that appear at specific locations on the map can also be added. The width, height and additional styles of the map page element can also be ...
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    Karatag Google Maps HTTP Request connects to the Google Maps API server and performs a query for the latitude and longitude coordinates of an address given its street name, zip code, city and country.An array containing the status code, accuracy, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates, is returned.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higher
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    Search File Contents can traverse a given directory recursively to locate files with certain file name extensions. The found files are opened and their content checked for the search phrase.Search File Contents returns an array with the list of all files that contain the search phrase.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    There is a base class that provides a common API to access Web services that can analyze and determine the definition of a world location and return the associated latitude and longitude.There is one function that takes as parameters the country name, location zip code and optionally the city and state. That function returns an array with the latitude, longitude ...
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    GeoLocation accesses the hostip.info Web services API site passing a given host IP address as query parameter.The response is retrieved and parsed in order to return the country, city, latitude and longitude corresponding to the given host.Requirements:PHP 4.2 or higher
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    MapPoint PHP API can be used to access Microsoft MapPoint location finding and mapping Web services. It is a port to PHP of the MapPoint API available for ASP.NET.
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    Cities and zip codes can be used to lookup for cities and the respective zip codes.Cities and zip codes uses AJAX to search a file database with cities and the respective zip codes using just the first few letters of the city that the user types in a form text input. The script can submit an AJAX request to find ...
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    The HTML and JavaScript code required to display a map inside a page with optional locations marked, is generated.Key Features of Easy Google Map:- Define the map width, height and zoom level- Add one or more marker to locations on the map using their addresses- Use several types of predefined icons and colors to mark locations- Define the information window ...
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    IP2Location Geolocation XML Web Service allows instant lookup of Internet visitors geographical locations by IP address.The web service returns country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, ISP and domain name information. Developers can integrate the web service using SOAP protocol and no database installation or update required.Free sample codes available in several programming languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ...
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    What is your IP address and your IP address location? Show your IP address using with script along with map.
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    PHP GPS Locator can be used to retrieve information from GPS receivers using the NMEA 0183 protocol. It can connect to a GPS receiver via serial port under Windows or Mac OS X.PHP GPS Locator retrieves and decodes NMEA 0183 protocol messages to obtain GPS information. The retrieved information can be stored in a MySQL database.
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    IP2Location classes can be used to lookup the geographic location of the network of an IP address using IP database files provided by the IP2Location service.IP2Location classes provides functions can lookup the location of an IP address and return location record objects that contain the country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ISP and domain name from IP address.
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    geocode can be used to retrieve the geographic coordinates of a location. It may also be used to retrieve Javascript code to display maps of a location using Virtual Earth or Google Maps API.It uses the Geocoding tool of Emad Fanous to retrieve the necessary information by accessing the tool Web site.
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    New USPS Class is an enhanced version of the original class by Adam Globus-Hoenich to provide an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs.New USPS Class adds support to access three new API services: address verification, zip code lookup and city state lookup.
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    Class to perform code profiling in order to aid locating areas of code that consume most processing time.Provides information on number of calls to a code section, percentage and total of time spent on a section. Timing of nested code sections is possible.Requires function calls to be inserted in code being profiled.
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