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    MM::CLocalMessages is a very simple class that can get texts for internationalized defined in class variables. The texts are stored in associative array variables of the class. For each supported idiom there is an array entry with the symbol of the idiom. That entry has another associative array with entries for each translated text. MM::CLocalMessages can return the translated text ...
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    HTTP Locale analyzes the HTTP request header Accept-Language and parses it to obtain the idiom and the country used in the browser accessing the current script page.The idiom and country get returned as class variables.Requirements: PHP 4.0.6 or higher
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    Sever and client side caching are supported. Expose template engine can be extended with custom plug-in functions. Several plug-ins are provided to to simplify common tasks like inserting a date picker.Expose template engine also provides localization support by generating output that picks translated text from external files according to the currently selected idiom.
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    Thread-Safe Locale Class can retrieve several types of values that depend on the country and idiom for a given locale such as the format for date, time, money, country name, etc..The Linux/Unix system locale command is used instead the PHP setlocate function.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    The components of a date, formatted according to a specified pattern, are extracted.Ultimate Date Parser can also perform other data manipulation operations like calculating the number of days between two dates, reformat a date with a new format pattern, adjust a time value according to the local time zone, and compare two dates.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    lang opens an INI file for a given idiom and retrieves texts into a class array variable. The user can choose the directory from which the language files are read.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The Yahoo! Local Web services API can be accessed and a search request using several parameters can be sent.YLocal provides a way to iterate over each result that is returned by the service. It return an object with variables set to the values of each result detail.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Time Engine can access the Yahoo geocoding API Web server and retrieve the latitude and longitude of a given address.After the geographic coordinates are obtained, Time Engine contacts the GeoNames and retrieves the location time zone.
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    The date and time fields and layout can be defined within the forms.Key Features of Date and time utility class:- Localization: date formats dependent on locale zones.
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    Time can be used to determine the local time based on that of the webserver.
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    dir_list provides the ability to browse your local hard drives and select a file. This module is "included" in your program and returns the full path of the selected file. I searched around for a module to do this and I couldn't find one so this little utility module was born. It's pretty simple and straight-forward. Unfortunately, you don't consistently ...
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    ZBZ5 Simple Localizing Tool can be used to retrieve texts for internationalized applications. The class can load texts from data files for different idioms. Then it can return the translation text for the selected idiom given the original string in English.If there is a translation data file for the specified idiom, the class uses a fallback idiom file. If the ...
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    bbWorldTime can display the current time worldwide. You can choose the local zone to specify the time and it can display current time worldwide in a table.
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    Allows to find out the client's browser language settings and check for given locales in those settings.
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    Class Lang is a simple class to retrieve localization texts that are stored in language files. It is meant to help in adaptation of the same application in different idioms.The class reads a localization file for the specificed idiom and then it may output or return text strings of that idiom given the number of the line of the text ...
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