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  1. Mortgage Loan Calculator
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    Mortgage Loan Calculator is a great value-add for any loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable content to readers. The execution of this calculator is superb from the smooth sidebar integration, modal window results and AJAX-based graphs that are incredibly visually appealing. It's a great little application that delivers a lot of value in a ...
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    Loan Payment Calculator is a web-based mortgage calculator using Microsoft Silverlight.This client-side application allows site visitors to determine mortgage payments and compare financing options easily right on the web page. No additional web pages are needed to make the program work, plus the program's flexible functionality makes it usable through a server or on a desktop.Calculations are made instantly by ...
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    Amort can calculate and display an amortization schedule of a loan. It outputs a form to enter the values of the amount of a loan, the interest rate, and the length in years of the loan.Optionally, Amort will either display the entire schedule or just the following calculated amounts:- Total amount paid over the life of the loan- Total interest ...
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    TigerTom's Loan & Mortgage Calculator scripts (TTCalc) are an easy set up, with some surprising features. MySQL is not needed. Outputs amortization tables. Users can select their currency symbol (GBP, Dollar and Euro). Webmasters can change the scripts' appearance using CSS and the scripts' internal HTML. It's freeware; all the authors ask is that you retain the hyperlinks to their ...
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