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  1. MySQL Load Balancing PHP script
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    Free MySQL Load Balancing PHP script is created for loading balanced access to your MySQL servers when you are using MySQL replication between one (or many) master and many slaves. This script does reads on slaves and writes on master(s). It automatically checks if the challenger slave is "fresh enough" to read on it. It comes with a mail alert ...
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    Free URL Rotator is a script configured for PHP 4.0.6 and under, no need to restart your browser when changing the username and/or password. With Free URL Rotator Script a different site will load each time you click on link.
  3. Strictly System Check
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    This is a free WordPress plugin for system monitoring. It regularly checks and reports for system, database and server settings. It shows warnings whenever the system overloads or something goes down.Features of Strictly System Check:- The option to choose which URL is scanned when the system check is carried out- The ability to search for a key phrase or piece ...
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    PreLoad Images can generate pages with preloaded images. It can list images from a directory and stores the photo list inside a MySQL database. This PHP script can generate HTML with JavaScript to preload all listed images in the user browser, so the next browsed pages that need the images can load much faster.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Provides a class to automatically load classes given by nested directory structures. Does not need any file system checks, should be fast (O(1)).Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher- PHP-Cache LibrarySpecs:- Run the "run" script in the Specs directory. Expects "php-cache" on the same level as "php-loader"Example: use Cache\Cache; use Loader\Loader; $cache = new Cache(..); $loader = Loader::create('MainLoader', $cache)->add($pathTo, $namespace)->register(); new \MyNamespace\MyClass; ...
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    The LoadChecker($) function can detect the exact amount of microseconds when it is called from the main script.
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    dList v3 to manipulate lists. It has many useful functions like ArrayList in .NET . You are able to serialize the list to Db (There is a save functions that manages everything for you). Later you are able to load the list again. Many features how to handle the data. dList v3 is definately something for people who want to ...
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    When the script finishes executing, TimeCheck will return the marks and their corresponding execution time.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Classe Prestazioni can count the time from a given point of the start and end of a script. The difference between the start and end times can be printed.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higherLimitations:The code and the comments are in Italian.
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    For example, timers can return the time it took a page to load into the browser.
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    The count of time can be started or stopped at any point during the script execution. The measured time is returned in seconds with micro-second resolution.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The information is retrieved from /proc/stat and the user and system mode loads, CPU load percentage and idle load percentage can be returned.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Names can be assigned to plug-in callback hooks. Simple Hooks Plugin can also load plug-in scripts and execute the scripts code when the application plug-in hooks are called.Requirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Class Loader can be used to locate and load class files from directories defined in a list of paths. It provide a way to write PHP scripts that use classes without knowing in advance where the class files are located.Class Loader can take a list of directories where to search the class files. Then it can search for given files ...
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    The time at specified start and end points in a script is noted. Measure page load time returns the difference between the end and start time.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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