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    SMB Conf is meant to parse and recreate a smb.conf file that is used by the tools of the Samba package to access Windows shares.After parsing you are able to edit the contents of a smb.conf file that are stored in an array. After you make any changes to that array, you can also use the class to update the ...
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    Mail Server Info can lookup a DNS to determine the addresses of the SMTP servers of a given domain. It works in all platforms including Windows, Linux and other Unix systems.
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    Samba Web Client is meant to provide a Web interface to access shared resources in networks that use the Windows Samba protocol.The class can browse shared directories, browse printer queues, retrieve files, print files, cancel print jobs, delete files and directories.Samba Web Client can detect the listed file types from their file name extensions and present the appropriate icon images. ...
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    Class to manage user and group accounts on shadow based Linux/Unix systems.
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