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    clsManUrl is a simple class that can build a query string to use in a URL from a list of parameters. It can be used, for instance, to generate the URL a link that passes values to the linked page script.clsManUrl has functions for added or remove parameters from the list. Then it can generate the query string from the ...
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    This simple class is useful to hold mysql database link information.
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    linked_select classes generates 2 form select elements linked together, so changes on primary select rebuild the list of values for secondary select. It is crossbrowser for IE 5.x,NS4.x & NS5 (Gecko/NS6).
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    Parses a string that contains URLs or email addresses, and automatically replaces them with html link code. You can also easily change the format of a link.linker.class.php is intelligent in that it uses regular expresses to extract URLs and email address even if within punctuation such as parenthesis or up against an ending punctuation character such as a period, semi-colon, ...
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    Text Encrypter is meant to encode data as text so it can be passed between page scripts for instance in the URL of links.Text Encrypter uses salt data to be able to detect whether the data has been altered eventually by malicious users during the passages of the data.
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    Fast Split MySQL Result is meant to split MySQL query results in multiple pages with HTML tables. It uses Javascript to generate the navigation links.
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    Active URL is meant for manipulating URLs and anchor tags in HTML code and text strings.Functions of Active URL:- Process text strings to detect HTTP, HTTPS and FTP URLs and convert them into HTML links- Remove any links from HTML code- Validate text strings to determine whether they contain valid URLs- Append additional parameters to URLs of links in HTML ...
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    Interactive Link Info is mean to generate a link that displays information about it in a pop-up when you click on a text icon adjacent to the link.A description paragraph will drop down underneath the link. The paragraph can subsequently be closed by clicking the same icon.This capability is an excellent alternative for when you do not want to use ...
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    Link Obfuscator is meant to generate obfuscated HTML links in a way that is possible to detect whether the a page was accessed following a real link or went directly to a given page.This way the class can be used to disallow users to freely navigate in a site without going through the intended pages, preventing direct access to pages ...
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    Use urlcheck to validate links or web servers.
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    Fetch Link Class uses text parsing and no regular expressions to find and extract every link in a webpage. This class is suitable for developers who want to develop spider and crawler programs.
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    WindowLink opens a new window at the push of a link or picture.
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    Link Extractor is meant to extracts links from an HTML string, a file or a Web page of a given URL.As a result it creates an array with the URLs of all the links found. It is compatible with PHP 4.0.5 or better, including PHP 5.
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    Base Calendar is a calendar generation class based on the original version of William J Sanders, that comes with the possibility to use navigation links to switch the month you that is displayed.In the Update there is the possibility to inser Appointment and make it recurrence for one year.
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    Report in Table is meant to generate HTML reports using tables to present MySQL database query results.It can generate an HTML report table given an SQL statement to execute, a list of query columns to display and an optional URL format to generate automatic links to an eventual detail page of each table report row.The presentation of the report table ...
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