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    TagCloud-a-like script is an easy to configure Tag-cloud script that will randomize the display of your links.Usage:- Add links to the "$array" in the predefined structure.- Use "include('cloud.php')" to call the script.
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    Easily setup a links directory. One page installer, supports unlimited layers of topics and sub-topics, friendly URLs, full text search, skinning and templates, super fast editing via AJAX for admins, user submissions and RSS feeds.
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    Tabs Links SQL is a simple PHP/MySQL links repository.Features of Tabs Links SQL: - Script in PHP/MySQL - Has no limit to the number of links - It's possible to customize the number of links per page - Each link has Title, Address and Description - Don't needs installation - It has an Admin Module,
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    Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script is a simple drop-in PHP file that will allow you to add a Send to a Friend link to any page of your site (so it can be page specific if you wish).Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script will allow someone to send the link to your page, with comments, their name and email ...
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    mabp::tagCloud can be used to display tag clouds from a list of tag names. It builds a list of links from an array of tags, assigning color brightness and font sizes according the assigned tag priorities. The tags have links based on the tag text.mabp::tagCloud can also merge two or more clouds. The color and the sizes of tag texts ...
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    PHP Link Exchange is a complete link exchanges PHP application for your website. This software is designed as a complement to any website or as a website in its own right. Now you can manage link exchanges. This feature packed software includes a simple installer and can be installed anywhere on your existing site. You can install it in either ...
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    Simple Link Exchange can be used to manage Web page links exchanged between multiple sites.Functions of Simple Link Exchange:- Create a couple of MySQL database tables to store lists of links grouped by categories- Add a new category or list the existing categories- Add a new link, update or delete links, list all links from a category- Validate exchanged back-links, ...
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    Startpage is a script which shows your favortie links. Making this script your startpage enables you to start with your favorite links when you start your browser. You can sort your favorite links by title or by use, which means that the most frequently used links will appear on top while less frequently used links will appear lower. If you ...
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    LinkExchange provides simple mechanism of managing links exchnage with your site including adding new links, updating and deleting existing and allowing you to check if the backlink to your site is present on target web page.
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    Page Navigator can be used to generate navigation links for listings split between multiple pages. It takes as arguments the total number of entries in the whole listing and the limit number of entries to display per page.Page Navigator generates a group of HTML links pointing to pages that display the different pages of the listing, including links to the ...
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    Double-Linked List class can be used to manage circular double-linked lists of objects. There is one list class and a base node class.The list class provides functions for adding nodes, iterating over the node list in the forward or backwards directions, remove one or all nodes.
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    SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept.Features of SkaLinks Links Exchange Script: - Script installer; - Links exchange; - Advanced backlink verification; - Open editors system;- Multiple editors managing their own categories and links – build an open DMOZ- like directory;- ...
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    UW Link Dir is a simple yet powerfull search engine friendly link directory software, which allow you to build a link directory for your website in few minutes. In addition with few simple steps you can integrate your web site design into the script so that it can have the look and feel of your web site. Main Features of ...
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    mk_t2h class allows you to process input HTML code.Features of mk_t2h:- parse input text and return HTML tags information- delete unsafe tags and parameters (highly configurable)- replace URLs with links- e-mail addresses anti-spam encoding- replace defined [%variables]- mk_html_special_chars() - improved htmlspecialchars() with HTML entities support- mk_replace_by_index() - improved strtr() with case ignoring option- mk_ereg_filter() - improved ereg_replace() with callback function ...
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    History links can be used to keep track of the pages navigated by an user, so it can generate back or next links providing a similar effect to the use of the Javascript history.go() function.History links uses sessions to store an array variable that holds the URL of each page of a site that the user accesses. It can limit ...
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