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    Grab URL is meant to fetch a page of a given URL and send it by e-mail as HTML message. It provides functions to set the message headers From:, To:, Cc:, Bcc: and Subject: .Alternatively, Grab URL may also display the fetched HTML page making it be outputted by the current script.
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    Functions to define each tab link, title and contents are provided.Only one tab may appear selected. To make it evident which is the currently selected tab, it appears in a different style and its contents are not linked to the associated URL.The colors and other presentation style details of the tabs are configurable.
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    Values that match one or more specified patterns can be extracted from URLs. Friendly URL Pattern Manager uses regular expressions to match and extract the attribute values from the URL, It can also be used to generate friendly URLs according to previously defined patterns.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Bread crumbs takes the current page URI and splits it in several parts separated by slashes / . Several links pointing to the pages of each breadcrumb level, are generated.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Regular expressions are used to retrieve URLs and all links detected on a page are followed.
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    Hippo AJAX Link can be used to generate HTML links to process AJAX requests.Hippo AJAX Link generates HTML and Javascript that when a link is clicked it submits an AJAX request. The request can be sent via HTTP GET or POST methods.The response of the AJAX request is used to update a page section with a given identifier.
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    Autolink Keywords takes a list of keywords for links and another list of keywords associated to text content. These content keywords may have been extracted from the content itself with the automatic keyword generator class.For each of the content keywords that match any link keywords, Autolink Keywords will find the keywords in the content text and replaces it with a ...
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    The pages of a given Web site are retrieved and URLs of links and images contained in each of them are extracted in order to find other resources in the same site.Requirements:PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    The strings and the private data gent stored in a database table to prevent link stealing.Hash strings can be constructed from:- Session id of the user- Private data of the server- Private data of the web site- An item to check- Timestamp of a query- A maximum number of accesses- A maximum durationIn another page, Hash can check whether the ...
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    Double Linked List implements a double linked list similar to the one available in Java. It has functions for adding and removing objects and iterate through the list using iterators.
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    The pages corresponding to the given URLs are verified one by one. URL test displays the list of pages that returned error codes and which are accessible.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    fClassHTML can be used to display composite Web page elements.fClassHTML provides several classes that can compose and display predefined types of page elements like: product presentation with a link , description and image, and menu bars of links.
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    HTML Generator Class can be used to generate HTML documents programmatically. There are several classes that abstract HTML documents and different types of HTML page elements.HTML Generator Class can define the page elements from element specific options configurable using setter functions.The classes can generate the elements HTML that is returned as a string.Currently HTML Generator Class provides classes to abstract ...
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    Paging Class with AJAX or HREF can be used to browse database query results split between pages using AJAX to switch between the listing without page reloading. It can execute an SQL query using the PEAR DB API and return records to be displayed in the page.Paging Class with AJAX or HREF also generates navigation links that to go to ...
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    Plug-and-play AJAX-based software solution to organize your own short URL / URL cloak service. Easy to use, premium design, advanced options (SEOed links, bulk submission, temporary links). No MySQL support needed. Free version available.
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