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    Nested Menus is able to generate nested menus in addition to normal link items.
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    With 1 parameter change, it will render all of the HTML tags as XHTML, provided all of the tags are HTMLTagClass objects.External CSS links, JS links, page title can be added through the provided hooks. This class makes rendering complete HTML pages easy in a programmatic way.
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    Smiley tags can be replaced with their corresponding icon images.Text For Reading Class can also convert URLs into links. URLs that ends in GIF, PNG or JPEG file name extensions are converted into linked images.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    JPNavClass can generate a navigation bar in HTML with links. The navigation bars can have a title and several link entries. The navigation bar can be outputted in three ways: text, images, or a table.In the text mode the navigation bars the entries are rendered as multiple lines with the text links. In the image mode the entries are rendered ...
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    Inspired by Perl's CGI module, this set of classes aims to separate the namespaces of GET, POST, and Cookie variables, and to provide a few nice methods as well for doing things like transforming and parsing "search engine friendly" links.
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    dyna_menue uses dynamic HTML to make deeper hierarchy menu elements appear. A base abstract class is used to define the base menu interface, while an implementation class handles the menu rendering.There is also base menu link element and several sub-classes that implement other menu element variants.
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    Linked Select is meant to create dynamically linked list with form select inputs that work as controls for choosing master and detail options.Linked Select takes the definitions of lists options for primary select input and the corresponding options that should be made available in the secondary input is selected.Linked Select generates the HTML for defining both the form input as ...
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    path to vars allows you to use a pseudo directory path in your HTML links --instead of a query string-- to declare variables so that your pages will be properly crawled by search engines. path to vars is an alternative to using mod_rewrite rules to handle your URIs (http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_rewrite.html). I based this on several articles and news posts I read ...
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    Link Library is a wordPress plugin for creating a web directory service. Links can be organized in categories or archives to be displayed when a user searches for related objects.It is perfect for building a web directory service and support for RSS feeds is included. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' ...
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    Link Collector is meant to generate pages of sites with links to pages listed in a file based database.The links may be listed with sample pictures, making it ideal to list links to remote image galleries. The format of the listings is defined with simple text templates the determine what information is displayed and its presentation layout.
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    The width and height attributes for images are automatically generated by the getimagesize() function.Link title tips default to the link anchor text if left empty and alternate text for images defaults to the filename and path if left empty.In order to protect email links from spambots, they are encoded using equivalent HTML entities for their characters.
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    Simple Tabs generates several HTML links that are rendered using div tags with configurable CSS class. The text on the active tab is not linked.
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    HTML and JavaScript code necessary to display a nested tree of folders with links inside them, is generated. Each link can have its own icon, title and URL.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A page from a specified remote site is retrieved and parsed, in order to extract the URLs of all links and e-mail addresses it contains.Link And Domain Extract can also check if a link exists in the page with given URL, get the list of domains found in the page links, and check if there is a link in the ...
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    HTML Info can retrieve the title, meta data, images and links.
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