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    The Micro Link Checker is a small and basic PHP script to check link validity on a given site. The script loads the requested page and collects all URL on it and at least check whether the links are accessible or not.
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    Currently PHPShortener supports the 7 most popular shortening services. It will convert a long URL into a short URL, and then decode a short URL to its long version.Services:- is.gd- bit.ly- tinyurl.com- tr.im- twurl.nl- digg.com- u.nuFeatures:- Easy to use- Flexible, easy to extend with new services- Auto detects the service in the URL to decode- Tiny, but well written and ...
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    File Host Link Tester verifies the given URL address and checks whether it is the download page of a file available in a file hosting service or just an ad page. If the download page URL is value, the class retrieves the download page and parses it to obtain the file size.Currently File Host Link Tester supports the following file ...
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    Why use huge, bulky hard to use tracking systems When EzClick is so much easier, faster and less server intensive than those others? As well as more informative on how each link is doing or not doing. Use the easy interface to setup each link you want to track and place the provided URL on your webpage. That is all ...
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    Reciprocal Link Manager - Link Doctor manages your link farm. You can add links manually or your visitors can add their links. Link Doctor checks your reciprocal links every day and lets you know in email if a back-link disappeared or automatically deletes the link from your site.
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    Tell Friend lets visitors to your website refer it to their friends quickly and easily.
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    Php Link Popularity Checker finds incoming links from the top search engines. Php Link Popularity Checker is the number of inbound links to your site from other sites. You can use this script into your website for free.
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    Link Popularity Tool will check the incoming links from sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AlltheWeb, Altavista, Ask and DMOZ. Link Popularity Tool is also designed to retrieve the current Alexa Ranking. If the user clicks on one of the search engines, he will automatically be redirected to their search results page for the present query string. The 'http://' string is ...
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    An HTML excerpt is parsed in order to extract the URLs of all links with sm00sh Class.The sm00sh Class uses the smsh.me Web services API to create short URLs for all URLs found in the HTML and replaces all the links.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    NinjaLinks is a PHP/MySQL web directory script designed to help you organise lists of links in categories and sub- categories.Features of NinjaLinks:- complete category management- link management including pending links- allows optional link buttons with submitted links- allows optional link description- tree like system allows viewing by category- optional notification emails for link owners- pagination of links in admin panel ...
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    Browser can retrieve a give page, parse it and proceed retrieving the pages or content that would result from clicking on given links or submitting forms in the initial page. Functions to locate the links to click or forms to submit by specifying a Xpath expression or searching elements by attribute, are provided. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SPaging is based on another class originally written by Ashish Vishwakarma. The style of the pagination links is changed. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PDO connection and multi pagination can generate links to browse the results of a given database query assuming a given limit number of results per page. A form to go directly to a predefined page of the search results can also be generated. PDO connection and multi pagination can also generate navigation links with letters that specify the first character ...
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    Link Searcher retrieves a given Web page and searches for links contained in it. The new links that are found are added to a queue to be crawled later and so implement recursive searching up to a given depth limit. Link Searcher supports regular expressions. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    One-Level Site Menu Builder Script is intended to build your 1-level site menu on-the-fly according to menu titles/links array defined within the script. Now you do not have to write different HTML code for each page to highlight the current page in the menu, simply include the menu builder via php include() directive script and it will identify and highlight ...
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