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    ComicLinkChecker is a PHP link checker script that will search through your webpages picking up all links to other pages (both internal and external) and check the links' HTML headers for errors such as 401, 404, 505 etc.The scope for customisation within this program us huge! You get to decide what file types not to check, which files not to ...
  2. LinkShort
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    LinkShort is a url shortening/masking application written in PHP and making use of mod_rewrite. It allows for people to take exceedingly long urls and shorten them to something that will not break in emails. It allows users to mask urls and hide such things as affiliate links. For instance, a user has a url from a site that looks like ...
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    This is a PHP link check script. You can use it to check to see if the link is valid or broken and return the status using JavaScript. The users must enter a link in the form input field, and press the check button.
  4. Kemana Directory
    639 total visits
    Kemana Directory is a free PHP link indexing script. Kemana's backend is powered by the qEngine CMS. Support is provided for multiple directories support, user friendly administration control panel, easy to use custom fields, unsurpassed flexibility and much more.Features of Kemana Directory:Complete Feature List For Front End:- Visitors & members can add their own links.- Visitors & members can modify/update ...
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    Scuttle is a social bookmarking and link indexing PHP app. Scuttle allwos users to register on the site and share/index favorite links. Just think of it as anther Delicious clone.Scuttle uses code from mature open source like Drupal, jQuery, phpBB, XSPF Web Music Player and more.Features of Scuttle:- Share links- Private/public links- Link tagging- Watchlist- User registration
  6. Animus Links
    122 total visits
    Animus Links is a free PHP link checking script which helps you manage and even automate the act of trading links with other sites. By doing so, you'll grow your web site's traffic both through the links themselves and through improved search engine position.Features of Animus links:- Allows you to participate in the AniLinks System, which will help potential link ...
  7. Mentions
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    This PHP script can be used to highlight names mentioned in a text as links.It can search for @ character in a given text and check the names that follow that character.The script can highlight the following names that make part of a given list of previously registered names by turning them into links. The prefix of the URL of ...
  8. PDO Paginator
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    This PHP Paginator for PDO script is designed to show links to browse query results retrieved with the PDO extension. It can extend the PDO class to add functions to execute queries and generate a links to browse listings of query results split in multiple pages.The PHP script also allows developers to configure the limit number of results to display ...
  9. PHP Ad Text
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    Php AdText is a script to display random text links (ads) from a text file that you can specify before each time you call the script. It has several settings like what you want to use as a separator for each link, and how many times you'd like to repeat the separator. You can change the look of it by ...
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    It grabs certain GET variables out of the URL and puts together a file path to insert in the body of a site template. Best way to use this class is to save it as a seperate PHP file and include in on top of every page of your site. I like to make a folder in my website called ...
  11. Ajax Linked Select boxes
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    Place linked select boxes on to your page that dynamicaly load items from database using Ajax. You can chain as many select boxes as you like. This is the start of a series of little helper classes for saving time re-writing small stuff that occure on a form again and again, like a select box filled with values from a ...
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    PHP Directory Script is a free php directory script that lets you run your own link directory. It runs on text based database so there is no need of MYSQL database. Includes Image Verification and Link Rating. You can customize the design according to your requirements.
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    Yet another link directory (YALD) is a simple yet powerful and efficient link directory/index program written in PHP with a MySQL backend. YALD also features easily customizable templates and unlimited subcategories.
  14. Megavideo Premium Link Generator
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    This class can be used to retrieve the URLs of video streams of Megavideo.com.It takes the URL of a video page at MegaVideo.com and retrieves the page to decode the and regenerate the final video stream URL.
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    SEO Report Script is intended to lookup for SEO results for your domain on all major search engines and other important sites and to present them on a single page. It retrieves and displays the following information about your domain: Google indexed pages, Google inbound links, Yahoo indexed pages, Yahoo inbound links, Bing indexed pages, Bing inbound links, Alexa rank, ...
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