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    CTokenBucket implements a token bucket filter. Token bucket filters are used in software engineering to limit a number of events within a certain time.An example of CTokenBucket is how ISP's limit bandwidth to a fixed Kilobyte per second rate. A typical usage of CTokenBucket is limiting the amount of posts to, for example, a guestbook or forum for a user ...
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    There is a base class that provides abstract range calculation based on the number of page and number of result rows per page to retrieve. The iterator interface is also implemented to traverse query result rows. Limit Result Set Iterator also comes with an implementation class to execute and retrieve result set rows from MySQL databases. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Pages with large images can load faster if many pieces of the same image are loaded at the same time.Image Slicer takes the limit width and height of each piece and outputs an HTML table with with image tags to load each image slice.
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    FloodDam can be used to protect a site against an abusive number of accesses. It determines the IP address of each user accessing the site PHP scripts and keeps the access counts stored in distinct files per each IP address.When the number of accesses from an IP address exceeds a configurable limit, the class exits the current script and the ...
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