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  1. PayPal Payments Pro
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    This PHP script library includes methods to easily integrate all of PayPal's API's including PayPal Payments Pro and Adaptive Payments. The script makes it extremely quick and easy to tie PayPal into your applications. It comes with template solution files for nearly every API call available. All you have to do is populate the request parameters and you'll get a ...
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    ClickaTell API is a collection of classes for providing access to multiple ClickaTell services using their Web services API.Using very common helper libraries for ease of use, ClickaTell API can send or query messages exchanging XML messages with the Clickatell servers via HTTP.
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    Mocha consists of a series of freely available PHP libraries which provide Java-like classes for use within PHP.If you are a Java programmer who is learning PHP, or if you like to write PHP in a more object-oriented fashion, then Mocha is for you.
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    The PHP Base Library is a toolkit for PHP developers supporting them in the development of Web applications.PHP Base Library is primarily of benefit to Web application developers, but contains classes which are useful to other PHP developers as well.
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    The XS PHP Library is an object oriented library for PHP developers supporting them in the development of network oriented or content managment Web applications.
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    The PHP Desk Library is a set of php code in order to handle every day PHP functions of a website such as user authentication and database queries.
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