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  1. LDAPAuth Class
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    LDAPAuth Class is a simple PHP script for authenticating users via LDAP, including support for connecting and disconnecting from a LDAP host. Limitations:- Comments are in Italian, but nothing Google Translate can't handle.
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    LDAP configuration authenticates against a LDAP sever using a predefined username and password. The LDAP configuration can perform several operations with information records stored in the LDAP server like searching for records that match a given filter condition, add records and delete records. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    httpAuth can take the user name and password of a given user and verifies whether the user exists and the password is correct.Several methods can be used to verify the user authentication: CSV file, MySQL database, ODBC database, LDAP server and text file.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    The content of a LDIF file are parsed and split into one or more blocks with different sections of directory definition data. Each block is parsed into a bi-dimensional array for further processing for an LDAP server access application.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    ldap_class can connect to an LDAP server authenticating with a given account. LDAP queries can be performed to obtain information about a specified user.Requirements: PHP 4.0.4 or higher
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    LDAP Address Book can connect to a given LDAP server and perform operations on an address book like: adding contacts, deleting contacts, searching contacts by name, surname, or by id.The contact name, surname, company name and multiple e-mail addresses can currently be stored.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    LDAP class can be used to access and manipulate data in servers accessible using the LDAP protocol. It can connect to a given LDAP server, optionally with TLS to use a secure connection.LDAP class can perform general directory searches or restrict the search to a given directory sub-tree or just one directory level. It can also add, remove or modify ...
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    LDAP AD Class can be used to access an LDAP server and server for data in the directory. It can establish a connection to an LDAP server and authenticate with a given user and password.LDAP AD Class can also perform searches the directory with given parameters and return the results in arrays. It uses the PHP LDAP extension.
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    LDAP 2 LDIF can perform a search query to an LDAP server and export the results in the LDIF format. The class handles the connection to a LDAP server and execute searches the provided the base DN for a given search filter.The result data can be then saved to a file or can be outputted to the current page. The ...
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