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  1. Layout Solution
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    Layout Solution is a set of open source PHP classes to simplify website development and maintenance. It holds commonly used variables and page elements, allowing developers to focus on designing pages rather than worrying about correctly duplicating common layouts over and over. Perfect for creating complicated website structures. Features of Layout Solution:- Holds Design Elements- Centralizes Site Information- Establishes Directory ...
  2. Datagrid (Nette Framework)
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    This is data grid component for the Nette PHP Framework, which allows developers to create data tables with nice user interation features. Features of Datagrid (Nette Framework):- Sorting- Pagination- Display a certain amount of content per pageRequirements:- Nette Framework
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    In addition to the original code base, dm.IS Layout allows nested replacement blocks and qualified replacement values.Requirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    Template class is a very easy to use yet powerful and quick template engine.Template class enables you to separate your page layout/design from your code. It can handle simple variable replacement and table building using two dimensional arrays and/or MySQL result sets (Meaning that given a single row in the template, this class can build an entire table of data).Performance ...
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    Automagic page generation from recursive readdir output. No database needed. Robopage crawls through the file system and (for each dir) renders a default page (image, text, htm, html or url), whose layout is either tables or frames. That page has links to all other pages (all other files in the directory). Each page has its own distinct display, but all ...
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    Easy to use and fit into your layout calendar. Returns all in one easy to handle array. Including: 11 languages, intelligent linker function
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    IS Layout is a template engine that searches for place holders tags using regular expressions and replaces them with input values. The class can use templates defined specified files or takes the template text as an argument.IS Layout can replace template place holder values in the whole template or partially in sections delimited in the template with special identifiers. It ...
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    Schedule is meant to render schedule time tables graphics from definitions in XML format. The schedule definitions specify the days that will appear in one axis of the time table and the hours of the day that appear in the other axis.The schedule include the definitions of the blocks of time that are allocated including the start time, duration of ...
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    NukeLayout Class is PHP class that allows the development of web pages that look and feel like POST/PHPNuke, without the need for a database. It uses an OO approach to developing pages, providing a consistant look through out the site, making content management ease.
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