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    OBJ MySQL is a simple MySQL Abstraction Layer for PHP>5.2 that provides a simple and secure interaction with your database using mysqli_* functions at its core. OBJ-MySQL is perfect for small scale applications such as cron jobs, facebook canvas campaigns or micro frameworks or sites.
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    Image Booth can create images that are composed of several independent layers. It can apply different effects separately to the images in the different layers or to all layers at once like resizing the canvas. Separate classes are available to apply different types of filters like Gaussian blue, threshold, grayscale, line detection, gradient detection, laplacian filter and Sobel filter. The ...
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    Simple Abstraction Layer handles establishing connections, while another query execution and results retrieval. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Very easy database layer to connect to different database types. Easy switching between different database types! With database classes you can do queries to the following database servers:- mSQL- MS SQL Server- MySQL- ODBC- Postgres SQL- Sybase
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    CRUD Class takes a database table and a list of table fields and can generate forms to insert, update and delete the table records, as well list the information stored in those table records.CRUD Class supports retrieving information for storing in the table record fields from joined tables. Multiple databases are supported through separate abstraction layers.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP 5 MySQLi Layer is a simple MySQL database access wrapper that uses the MySQLi extension.Functions of PHP 5 MySQLi Layer:- Establish database server connections from the constructor function- Escape literal text values- Execute one or multiple SQL queries at once- Retrieve the number of affected rows or the last inserted identifier
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    This PHP class provides an abstraction layer for MySQL. The main purpose is to encapsulate and simplify the details of connecting to a MySQL database and performing queries.MySQL Database Abstraction is for MySQL only is designed for a single database; to use it, extend the class in your code, with the given database/user/password you will connect to.Usage:// Include the class ...
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    A persistence layer encapsulates the behaviour needed to make objects persistent. Meaning to load, save and delete objects to and from persistent storage. In this case persistent storage means relational database. Database abstraction is provided by PEAR MDB2.With MDB2_DataContainer2 and few lines of extra code you can implement Active Record Pattern (An object that wraps a row in a database ...
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    RC4PHP class is an OOP database abstraction layer for PHP 5.1 or greater. It provides an abstract classes to access database servers and traverse result sets.There are several implementation classes to access different types of databases: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL.RC4PHP class provide functions to establish connections, execute queries, traverse result sets with pagination support, retrieve the list of databases, ...
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    phpDB is a php database abstraction class which is extendable to provide a generic interface.Currently MySQL is the only database abstraction catered for in this version and the hooks are in place for other database types. Future release will expand the database platforms catered for.
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    Text DB API driver for AbstractDB is a driver for the AbstractDB SQL database abstraction layer to access flat file databases managed using the Text DB class API.
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    DBInterface can be used a SQL database abstraction layer. It provides a single interface to access several types of SQL databases from the same class. Currently it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase and Microsoft SQL server.DBInterface can establish connections to the database server, execute SQL queries, retrieve query results, begin and end transactions, build and execute common types of SQL queries ...
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    Simple Authentication and Security Layer provides a single interface for implementing multiple standard authentication mechanisms commonly used by Internet protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.Currently Simple Authentication and Security Layer implements following mechanisms:- PLAIN- LOGIN- CRAM-MD5- NTLM (used by Windows or Linux/Unix with Samba)- Basic (used in HTTP Basic authentication)- Digest (used in HTTP Digest authentication)
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    MySQL Abstract Layer is a simple MySQL database access wrapper. It can execute SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT SQL queries using single calls that take the table names, column names, column values and table search conditions.
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    TQuery is abstract database access layer for Oracle or other databases.
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