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    The Cyrillic characters from a string are converted to their ASCII corespondents with the help of Transliteration - Cyrillic to Latin. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Translit-SR searches a given text string for Cyrillic characters and replaces them for transliterated Latin characters. The search may be case sensitive or not.Translit-SR may also process Cyrillic text within HTML leaving tags untouched. Characters used in other languages can be added to the set of transliterated characters.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    Each Unicode character is extracted from an UTF-8-encoded string and an equivalent Latin character is searched for.Pretty Latin reads character mappings from the entities.ini file. This file may be edited to add or change mappings of Unicode characters.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    RTF Parse class supports converting ISO Latin 1 character set used for text in idioms such as Spanish and Catalan.
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    IDNA Convert is a standard described in RFC 3490, RFC 3491 and RFC 3492. It is used to allow language specific characters in domain names, like the umlauts in German, accents in latin languages like French, or even chinese characters.IDNA Convert allows you to convert domain names between the encoded Punycode notation and the decoded 8bit (UTF-8) notation. It simplifies ...
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    Classicus can be used to generate ancient Latin words forms. It generates different forms for Latin nouns, verbs and adjectives.Additionally Classicus can convert Roman numerals to decimal representation and vice-versa.
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    Cyrillic to Latin is a simple class can convert text between representations using cyrillic and latin character sets.The class can convert text in both directions: cyrillic to latin and latin to cyrillic.
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    Generic string mapping class maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.Features of Generic string mapping class:- Maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.- Maps characters not present in the table with user defined function.- Separate mapping tables are provided to convert ISO Latin 1 strings to upper case, lower case accents and cedillas to correspondent ASCII ...
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