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    Babelfish Translator can translate text from one language to another using the Altavista Babelfish Web service.It takes a given text, the original idiom and the translation idiom and connects to the Babelfish site using the PHP Curl extension to retrieve the translated text.Babelfish Translator may also request to translate a page of a given URL.
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    Internationalization and Localization can retrieve texts for internationalized applications from databases or plain text files (XML or INIs). It provides a base data source class that defines an interface with functions to retrieve texts given their element identifiers, the language to use, the locale for a language (optional), the application section and an eventual container object of a class that ...
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    I18N class can be used to retrieve texts for internationalized applications. The translation texts for each of the supported languages can be retrieved from different types of containers. Currently the supported container types that are: text files, SQL databases and DBM flat file databases.I18N class supports using variables in the localized texts, which may be processed during the translation. The ...
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    Translate with Altavista Babelfish is meant to translate text between different languages using Altavista Babelfish remote service via the Web.Just pass to the class a text string in any of the supported idioms and obtain it translated to another supported idiom. Currently, the supported idioms are: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.
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    Class Lang is a simple class to retrieve localization texts that are stored in language files. It is meant to help in adaptation of the same application in different idioms.The class reads a localization file for the specificed idiom and then it may output or return text strings of that idiom given the number of the line of the text ...
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    International Text Date is a PHP script for displaying the date in your selected language. Currently supported languages include En, Fr, De, Es and Se.
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