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    The keywords are extracted from the HTTP referrer URL value, if it is a Google search results page.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Keyword Suggest accesses the Overture keyword selection tool page and submits a query for a given keyword.All keywords, which include the query keyword are returned, sorted by the number of searches performed during the past month.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Autolink Keywords takes a list of keywords for links and another list of keywords associated to text content. These content keywords may have been extracted from the content itself with the automatic keyword generator class.For each of the content keywords that match any link keywords, Autolink Keywords will find the keywords in the content text and replaces it with a ...
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    Automatic Keyword Generator can automatically suggest keywords from content text. It can be used for instance to suggest keywords for the META tags of a Web site page.Automatic Keyword Generator counts the number of occurrences of single or multiple word expressions within the given content text. The most frequent expressions are suggested as keywords. The class exclude a given list ...
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    Basic MySQL Search Engine Class can be used to search for data in MySQL database table text fields. It executes one or more SQL SELECT queries to search for given keywords in different text fields of the same MySQL database table.Basic MySQL Search Engine Class returns an array with the values of primary keys of the table records returned by ...
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    Search Keywords can be used to retrieve the search words entered by an user in a search engine site that lead the user to the current page.Search Keywords can parse the HTTP_REFERER CGI variable if present. Then it can detect which search engine site lead the user to the current page, and extract the search words.Currently the following engines are ...
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    This class can be used to get the last lines of a file like the Unix tail command.It can also filter the retrieved lines so only the lines that have a certain keyword or match a given regular expression are returned, like when using the Unix grep command.It uses pure PHP commands so it can work on non-Unix like systems.The ...
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    Key Highlighter is a simple class that can look for given keywords on the current script output and alter it to highlight the matched keywords in a special way that can be configured.Optionally Key Highlighter is possible to use it with my CReferrer class and have an automatic way to highlight the keywords that may have been used in a ...
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    Ape Search is a search class that find a keyword in all files on a dir and it's subdirs whitout htdig or any index service, it's slower than them, but you will need it when you can't install anything else on the server.Ape Search works with PHP4 or later versions.
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    Safe keyword highlight highlight text that matches a given search string (keyword) in HTML based documents, without affecting any HTML tags.This may be useful for processing text and highlight against a glossary of terms for example, or page excerpts returned from search results (like Google).
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    KeyGold is a simple PHP script that generate relevant keywords from your site content. It's suitable for anyone who need to build a new site. Features of KeyGold Keyword Generator: - read file html and easy browse file,- easy copy paste from the site content,- complete result for keyword and 'Description', - 'black list' keyword file, - 'expected keyword' file.
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