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    json-format is a PHP library for displaying readable JSON strings. JSON strings are normally a big chunk of text, displayed in one line of constant data. If the JSON string contains lots of information, it's almost impossible to read by a human being. json-format helps by taking the string and unpacking it into a human readable array structure, displaying it ...
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    kml2json is a KML to JSON converter. KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is a XML file format variant for storing and transporting geolocation data. KML is generally used with mobile devices and is a well known and very used format in geo-coding. The kml2json library does exactly what its name says. It takes a KML file and exports its data to ...
  3. Craur
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    Craur is a PHP-based XML to JSON converter, and vice-versa. It can also work with CSV files instead of XML and can be used for writing XML/JSON importers or to implement a convention for converting XML to JSON without loosing any information. What's New in This Version:- XML with 0 as value, did not work.- Calling a class did not ...
  4. Inspirator
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    Inspirator is a PHP script for rotating text quotes on a page and reads a template and displays a random output from it on the page. It uses a JSON file to store data about templates, and template parts. The user can customize the template, along with the template parts, making it possible to create infinite quotes for any use ...
  5. JSON Viewer
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    JSON Viewer is a PHP script for viewing a JSON file's content. It is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format and can either read JSON in text format, or hosted online (by URL). The output can be formatted via HTML, or just displayed in raw format. What's New in This Version:- Remove slashes if magic quotes are on.- Added ...
  6. FFExp
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    This is a PHP script that can be used to export an entire FriendFeed stream. It connects to FriendFeed account and exports its entire content to a JSON file.Features of FFExp:- Can fetch a private stream, giving it a remote key- Locally downloads images and files- Detects already downloaded items- Upon subsequent runs, it tries to get only the newly ...
  7. domainr-php
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    This is a simple PHP client library for the Domai.nr API. It can query, send and retrieve data from the Domai.nr service through JSON calls.Domai.nr is a service to find domain names and short URLs.
  8. PHP DB Object
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    This PHP script can be used to manipulate PHP objects as arrays. It can convert an array to an object of a class and vice-versa, count the number of elements, serialize the object to JSON format, search for elements that match a condition, return a limited range of object elements, merge the elements of two objects, create a copy of ...
  9. Txt Xtrator
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    This PHP script is used to convert data from CSV to kinds of text based formats such as JSON, raw text, HTML, SQL INSERT statements. Requirements:- PHP 5 or higher Limitations:- Comments in Portuguese.
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    JSON_RPC is a web service framework. It is a web service library for PHP5 and is built on PEAR::Services_JSON. It offers a simple framework for creating clients and servers that communicate over HTTP using the JSON format. It supports Basic HTTP Authentication and API discovery/inflection.
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    Yahoo Boss Search can send a HTTP request to the Yahoo BOSS Web services server to perform a search that can be for Web pages, images or news. The number of results returned per page can be limited and the start page can be specified. Yahoo Boss Search decodes the results returned in JSON format and stores them in a ...
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    This script can be used to Parse XML documents and export as arrays or JSON or viceversa. Simple Object Element is an Open Source PHP XML script.It can parse a hierarchic document loaded from a XML file, a regular array or JSON encode string.The script may also export the document to an array or a JSON encoded string.Requirement: PHP 5 ...
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    This package can be used to handle browser events in PHP. It can register event handler callback functions that should be handled when certain events are triggered.The main script takes requests to raise events and dispatch them by calling the registered event handler functions.A specialized sub-class can decode JSON object parameters passed from JavaScript running on the browser to the ...
  14. KoolAutoComplete - Great PHP Ajax AutoComplete
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    KoolAutoComplete is excellent Ajax Auto Complete for PHP. Flexible rendering, elegant behavior together with Ajax Load On-Demand have made KoolAutoComplete the great choice to replace limited auto-complete provided by browsers. Key Features of KoolAutoComplete - Great PHP Ajax AutoComplete:- Semantic design with minimal HTML rendering- Ajax Load On-Demand- Support both JSON and XML data type- Customize item element with powerful ...
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    Data from an array can be traversed and an HTML table that display the data can be generated with Table Constructor.Table Constructor can also read data from a JSON or XML file and convert it into an array so it can also be displayed in an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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