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    Process Images takes the GIF or JPEG images from the current directory and resizes the images by a given percentage scale. The images are stored in files with the .resized extension inserted before the original file name extension.HTML code for a page to display the processed images, can also be generated.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    JPEG Slicer takes a JPEG image and generates 4 images, each one with a slice of the original image. Different sub-directories are used to store the sliced images.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    JPEG Fit takes a picture in any format supported by the GD library and generates a JPEG picture with the maximum quality factor that makes the picture file size not exceed a given limit.The binary search algorithm is used to reach the ideal quality factor in the smallest number of iterations.JPEG Fit stops searching when a given number of limit ...
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    A Flash canvas movie displays a drawing area on which the user can draw a picture with brushes of different colors and and thicknesses.When the user wants the save the drawing, the Flash movie sends the list of the brush strokes to the server. A JPEG image representing a copy of the user drawing is being generated.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    classPdfcan create multiple pages, graphical documents and include JPEG images. An extension class makes the formatting of data tables a breeze, as well as other text entry and pagination functions.
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    BURAK_Gantt is a gantt chart class written in PHP. The code supports both PHP4 and PHP5 and requires the GD library to output charts in JPG format.
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    ScaleJPG creates a JPG scale on-the-fly.
  8. ASCII Art Generator
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    This Free PHP Script can be used to render images using text characters. It can read an image file and translate its pixels into a grid of text characters. ASCII Art Generator script can used to generate colored text grids using HTML tags to assign the original pixel colors to each of the generated text characters. Rendered image is originally ...
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