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  1. cronHelper
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    cronHelper is a PHP script for avoiding cron job overlaps. The script uses a locking system to avoid PHP cron jobs to overlap, a process that might damage, corrupt or lose important data. This means every time new cron jobs need to be executed, they will first check for currently running jobs before entering execution.
  2. Reportula
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    This is a PHP job manager. Through an easy to understand/use web interface, the admin can oversee job execution and view reports on past jobs.Features of Reportula:- Display last jobs status- Display volumes usage by pool- Show Jobs which executed with errors last day, week, month- Show a condition of your Volumes- Show terminated Jobs- Search Jobs on several conditions- ...
  3. jobberBase
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    jobberBase is an easy and lightweight job board to implement for your site. With editable url structure and multiple themes support, you can not only build a great job board but many other variations too. jobberBase has a powerful administration panel and widgets support to display jobs on any html/php page.
  4. No Screenshot
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    WWWebber's Job Search Engine and Aggregator is a free php based job search script and aggregator for jobs in the USA or in India. It works right out of the box. Just upload a folder, change a few variables and you will have a fully functional Job Search Engine. The script is free and (aside from 1 file) unecrypted.WWWebber's Job ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    crontab is for creating scheduling cron jobs.
  6. Job2C
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    A full featured, completely automated, high quality Employment/Recruitment system. Job2C (Job to Customers) is the perfect solution for nationwide professional Employment/Recruitment online service providers such as Monster.com, HotJobs.com. Written by HR Directors for HR Directors providing truly useful and quality results and features unlike any other board. Full multilanguage support!
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