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    All in one date class can be used to perform many types of operations with times and dates. It is similar to the JavaScript date class.Functions of All in one date class:- Retrieve a date represented in different formats- Extract date day, month, year- Extract the time hour, minute, second and millisecond- Parse and set the current date and time ...
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    XHTML Page Creator can be used to create HTML documents defined programatically. The generated documents are compliant with XHTML 1.0 standard.Features of XHTML Page Creator:- Generate HTTP headers to tell browsers and proxies that the dynamically generated and should not be cached- Configurable page title, character set, language, META and LINK document tags- Define external CSS stylesheets- Include JavaScript code- ...
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    Validator classes dynamically creates validation javascript.Currently Validator classes is only generating limited comparisons. I did not want to clutter up the code with unnecessary test cases when I did not use them within my system.The system is fairly easy to understand and fairly easy to extend. Just the sort of thing that everyone has been looking for in a validator
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    Very simple class for faster building of table-rollovers (changing bgcolor for rows or cells) js-scripts.
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    DMenuGenerator can generate HTML menus with entries that can trigger Javascript actions when they are clicked. It provides means to define the menu entry labels, presentation styles and the Javascript code to associate to each entry.The comments in the class are in English and Portuguese.
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    Javascript Obfuscator is meant to parse Javascript source code to rewrite obfuscated equivalent version.The obfuscation is done by removing unnecessary remarks, white spaces, carriage returns and other non-functional characters from the source code.
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    Form Validate Class can be used to compose and output HTML forms that include Javascript based client-side validation rules to check the form inputs. It can compose forms with inputs of the types: text, password, hidden, textarea, radio, checkbox, select, file, reset, submit.The form input definition parameters may include the respective input label and validation requirement. When the form definition ...
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    PSpecialNavi is a PHP class which creates a JavaScript navigation system.Because of its dissolve - effect it seems to be a Flash Animation.
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