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    cfdj Class is a simple class for checking the required inputs of a form on the server side, so the validation can be done even when user browser have Javascript support disabled.When the form is submitted the class displays error messages to tell the when a required input is empty and needs to be filled.
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    My Ajax allows youto generate HTML and Javascript to make AJAX calls to update pages without reloading. It generates HTML and Javascript functions that when called will perform AJAX requests and update specified page sections with data returned by the server as response to the AJAX requests.The generated Javascript code may submit AJAX requests using the GET or POST methods. ...
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    PHPLiveX can be used to call PHP functions via Javascript in web pages using AJAX.PHPLiveX generates Javascript code that implements functions with the same names and function arguments as given list of existing PHP functions.When the generated Javascript functions are called, they start AJAX requests to invoke the respective PHP functions on the server.
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    A-1 PHP Form Wizard for Dummies works like a wizard that takes you through the various stages involved in creating a PHP form, without having to know the PHP language. You just need to answer the various questions and the wizard will create the code for you. You can add a Javascript validation to the form. Finally, you can customise ...
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    Tooltips Generator Class is a PHP script that generates nice, template driven, JavaScript tooltips.Features of Tooltips Generator Class:- works on all major browsers (no transparency on Opera, though)- in Internet Explorer it shows above HTML SELECT elements- the appearance of the tooltips is template driven- only onmouseover/onmousemove events need to be sepcified - no onmouseout!
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    JsHttpRequest - an easy-to-use cross-browser AJAX library with AJAX file uploading support and many other features.JsHttpRequest first appeared as cross-browser analogue of XMLHttpRequest, and then became a very useful instrument to create dynamic web pages. It uses JavaScript (ActiveX, DOM, XMLHttpRequest if available) in frontend and PHP in backend.Functions of JsHttpRequest:- Excellent cross-browser compatibility (e.g. works with IE 5.0 with ...
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    XP Menu Generator can be used to generate menus of HTML links similar to those of Windows XP.XP Menu Generator takes a list of menu categories and category links and generates HTML and Javascript that make all categories appear in a vertical menu bar.When the user clicks on a category, the category links appear below it. When the user clicks ...
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    DHTML TreeMenu generates a DHTML javascript driven TreeMenu from data stored in a small XML file. Supports any level of indentation and works for any browser supporting innerHTML (IE 5.5 & NS 6 )
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    ACE class can be use to generate Javascript to call functions of PHP class objects from the client side. It generates Javascript code to create Javascript objects on the client side that act as proxies of PHP objects on the server side.The generated code uses AJAX to communicate with the server side script that defines the ACE class. ACE class ...
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    JavaScript Compressor can be used to pack JavaScript code to reduce its size. It can remove comments, white space and convert the code to a more packed style.There is also a class that can cache several packed JavaScript code files until they are changed to avoid the overhead of packing the same JavaScript files.
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    SourceMap can be used to parse and extract a list of tokens from source code in one of several supported languages. It can parse source code in a given language and extract tokens according to the definitions of token delimiter character sequences for that language. The class supports PHP, Javascript and Python.SourceMap can extract several types of tokens: comments in ...
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    RSPA stands for Really Simple PHP and AJAX. It is a framework with components for processing browser events on the server using AJAX to provide interaction between the browser and the server without page reloading.RSPA can be used for calling PHP class functions from the browser side. It provides means to manipulate JavaScript objects on the browser page. It can ...
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    CWebFXMenu can be used to generate pull-down menus for HTML pages using Javascript. It can build the definition of a structure of menus, sub-menus, items and item separators.CWebFXMenu can generate HTML and Javascript to implement defined menu structure using Erik Arvidsson's WebFX Javascript libraries.
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    pAjax can be used to make the browser invoke actions executed on the server side without reloading the current page. It sends what is known as AJAX requests that consist in Javascript calls that sends HTTP requests to the server encapsulate the eventual parameters of the requested actions. Parameters can be any type of data, including objects, arrays, strings, numbers ...
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    MooFx Generator is a wrapper around MooFx JavaScript HTML page effects library. Currently MooFx Generator provides classes to wrap the following effects:- Transition- fxHeight- fxOpacity- fxWidth- fxScroll- fxCombo- fxAccordion- fxText
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