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    PHP or Java Class Code Generator is meant is automate the generation of classes to access databases in Java beans style. PHP or Java Class Code Generator uses the Fast Template engine to process template files that define the skeleton of functions and variables of classes that store and retrieve data object property values from a given database table, getter ...
  2. java.php
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    This is a collection of PHP scripts porting Java objects to PHP. Implements in PHP some common and hugely useful tools found in Java.Features of java.php:- Java's Abstract File Object implementation- Java Strings implementation- Several useful class fields and methods- Commonly needed functions for some Java to PHP
  3. Java and C# compatible object autoboxing
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    This script can be used to wrap string and integer values in objects. It provides functions that create objects to store references to either strings or integer values. It can also cache references to value objects with the same values to avoid creating needless object copies. Requirement: PHP 5.1 or Higher
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    This class can be used to generate Javascript to send AJAX requests using jQuery library.It can generate HTML with Javascript code to call the jQuery library to send several types of requests.Currently it can send GET requests, send form POST requests and load content into page elements.
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    This class can be used to generate AJAX request responses in JSON format. It can define one or more keys and values that will define the actions that will be perform by JavaScript code on the browser side as response to an AJAX request.The class converts the response values into an array that is outputted in JSON encoded format. The ...
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    This script can be used to process AJAX requests calling PHP class functions. It checks the request parameters to detect AJAX requests perform with the MultiAjax Javascript library.The script extracts the AJAX request handler function name and any request parameters. A function of the class with the specified name is called passing the parameters received from the AJAX request.The value ...
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    The same EJB, java beans, hibernate and spring java structure in PHP code. If you like to program in Java EJB download this tool. With this tool you can create beans and sql maps on a MVC structure.This tool already brings a cache service that runs on the background. 3 different layers: - Model layer, - Business rules layer,- Presentation ...
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    PHP Multiplexed I/O is loosely based on the selectable channels implementation from Java's NIO package. Streams can be created to access files and network servers or accept connections from network clients.The streams can be set to non-blocking mode, so this package can manage the access to data read or written to multiple streams simultaneously. PHP Multiplexed I/O can register selectors ...
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    Mocha consists of a series of freely available PHP libraries which provide Java-like classes for use within PHP.If you are a Java programmer who is learning PHP, or if you like to write PHP in a more object-oriented fashion, then Mocha is for you.
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    data structure is a PHP implementation of several Java classes for manipulating common data types.Currently data structure provides ports of the classes: String, StringBuffer, StringTokenizer and Vector.
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    This class provides a PHP interface to process XML documents with XSLT using the Xalan Java package of Apache Software Foundation.
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    Wrapper around the pcntl_fork() stuff, with a API set like Java language. Practical usage is done by extending this class, and re-defining the run() method. This way PHP developers can enclose logic into a class that extends PHP_Fork, then execute the start() method that forks a child process.Communications with the forked process is ensured by using a Shared Memory Segment; ...
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    ezSL generates HTML for a text form input with the necessary Javascript to perform AJAX requests to retrieve suggested words to complete the text that the user types in the text input.The AJAX request is handled by a script that queries a MySQL database that returns a list of suggested completion words. A menu, which appears below the text input, ...
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    PHP Collection Class manages collections of objects like similar classes available in Java. The main collection has functions to add, remove and retrieve objects to a collection.There is also an iterator class that can traverse the list of objects in a collection by the order they are inserted.
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    Template engine for PHP and Java. Templates are precompiled and then included to the script/Java program. Templates are organized in repeating blocks and placeholders, all placed in one single file. Blocks may be recursive. A version of the engine is available that is optimized for Java and particularly useful for the creation of code generators of any kind.
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