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    preg_magic takes an array of regular expressions that define the patterns to match and extract data.An entry of the expressions array may be another array that defines patterns of repetitive sections that must be iterated to extract data from each of the repeated sections, like for instance HTML tables with sections of the rows of cell data.Associative arrays are used ...
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    Text Iterator traverses a given text string and find all characters that match a given pattern of characters. The strings that match the pattern get passed to a specific callback function to be processed arbitrarily.The patterns of characters to match can be given as an array of characters strings, or a string that specifies that the match of characters in ...
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    PageIterator is a class for stepping through a large set of data, such as a database query result, page by page. It returns the index numbers of the elements to be displayed on each page and page numbers for links to previous and next pages.PageIterator does not mess with the design of your page, nor with your database. It only ...
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    PHP Collection Class manages collections of objects like similar classes available in Java. The main collection has functions to add, remove and retrieve objects to a collection.There is also an iterator class that can traverse the list of objects in a collection by the order they are inserted.
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    The PHP Expat extension is used to parse XML documents. Sofee XML Parser builds a structure in private class variables.Sofee XML Parser provides means to extract the XML document structure into an array that can be used by applications using the usual PHP array iterator functions.
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    Database query results can be split over multiple pages and the output can be defined using Smarty templates. The templates may define the presentation of listings as table rows with links to browse different listing pages.Key Features of Paginator Iterator:- Paginates results from a given SQL- Iterates the paginated results (p_item and p_alternating plugins)- Allows to create a page navigator- ...
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    Double Linked List implements a double linked list similar to the one available in Java. It has functions for adding and removing objects and iterate through the list using iterators.
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    ArrayList should be a helpful tool to simplify the handling of lists in PHP. It is similar to the java.util.ArrayList class of Java. You are able to delete, modify, add and iterate list entries.
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    Day Iterator iterates over the days of a range of dates. It takes an initial and an end date in the form of timestamps to specify the date range.Day Iterator implements the PHP 5 Iterator interface. Using the foreach command, it returns each day contained in the given date range.
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    Double-Linked List class can be used to manage circular double-linked lists of objects. There is one list class and a base node class.The list class provides functions for adding nodes, iterating over the node list in the forward or backwards directions, remove one or all nodes.
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    AlternarColor array iterator is a very simple class that iterates over a set (of color codes or names maybe?) and returns the next element in the set on each iteration, coming to first element again. It can be useful for generating listings with rows using alternated colors.AlternarColor array iterator can take an array with an arbitrary number of colors names ...
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